I think it’s hilarious that they made the splitter protection color matching rust brown....like those fuckers wouldn’t have fallen off decades before this level of rust set in...

do bears sh*t in the woods back seat of a forester?

“Today’s video is brought to you today by Pizza Hut, who create food they are proud to serve and deliver it fast, with a smile.” Read more

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Who needs tire warmers when you have an oven? Read more

I love Steve Lehto and his podcasts, but the quote above (which may not be the entirety of his response) at least implies there is no such thing as fair use in the trademark context, which is not accurate. It won’t help here since it’s mostly applicable in comparative advertising contexts (Brawndo TM has 10x as much Read more

coz you desperately need to bake pizzas at 70mph on your way to get popeyes from the next town over? Read more

That’s why Doug gained Youtube subscribers so quickly. Not because of quirks and features, but because he’s taller than 5'11". Read more

You know what can make your car stories more memorable? Dollar Shave Club. Read more

if, as you surmise, God hadn’t intended for man to eat on the move, then he wouldn’t have had us walk upright on two legs in the first place.
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Sounds like the welder might be the first priority, then.
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Excellent! Glad it worked out. Read more

Who is your favorite Jalopnik reader and why is it me? Read more

(runs to room, slams door, flings self on bed, sobbing) Read more

No one cares about your SHITTY VWs! Read more