Unnecessary Backstory
May 24 2016

No fair, they didn’t test the Mustang in real-world conditions.

May 11 2016

“This car is what I look like on the inside” is the most perfect thing I have ever heard to describe this ridiculous hobby of ours. I’m going to look at my fifteen-year-old modded-to-hell Impreza a little differently from now on, ‘cause holy shit, it’s actually my messy innards laid bare in steel and glass and rubber Read more

Apr 12 2016

I wore Zubaz pants around age 12. Apparently they were popular with meatheads, since they allowed for better range of motion when squatting (most likely to somewhere above parallel, or the notorious "BroSquat" that allows you to do twice your real squat). Anyway, the pants then got licensed by the NFL and were the Read more

Apr 4 2016

When you see a RWD car lift the inside front wheel, it is probably for the same reason that a FWD car (looking at you, VW Golf) will lift the inside rear wheel: traction at the drive wheels. When you stiffen a car in roll using a sway bar or anti-roll bar, you try to tilt the car flat by using a mechanical connection

Mar 25 2016

Good. I always hated the “star in a reasonably priced car” segment. Very rarely did they have cool guests, instead featuring some vapid celebrity fuckwit I couldn’t give two shits about, blathering on about how little they know or care about cars. Read more

Mar 17 2016

My favorite shot - this was at approximately 140 mph according to the announcers. You can see him leaving skid marks...

Feb 15 2016

That’s simply idiotic, though your admission of being part of CM makes sense. There is NOTHING glorious about this. Reckless riders put the rest of us at risk by pissing off drivers.

Feb 12 2016

Not too long ago, I had an Infiniti G35 cut me off and then brake check me down to 35 before taking off while I was doing at least 70 in a 55 in the left lane of the Capital Beltway and I was actively passing cars. Read more

Feb 10 2016

The TVR Cerbera’s alien heart for sure. I love that TVR overdesigns everything.