Unnecessary Backstory
Jun 8 2017

It makes sense that the broseph who requests a prearranged filming of a imminently failed burnout would have a friend that willingly films it in portrait. Read more

Mar 30 2016

The only thing missing from the video is “Stop resisting arrest” being repeated over and over.

Mar 21 2016

A human shaped hockey puck is the ideal scenario with the energy involved in his crash. It means maximum energy has been dissipated by destruction of the non-essential (at least for survival) portions of the car and not transmitted to or through the driver. The engineering and luck that allowed him to walk away are Read more

Mar 11 2016

I am the youngest of three brothers. We would drive from Chicago to Nebraska for “family vacation” (as in all you get to see on vacation is your family...in Nebraska) every summer. When we upgraded from a mid-70s Impala to a base model Dodge Caravan, my life changed. As my older, and more notably larger, brothers got Read more

Jan 22 2016

The night driving is strangely mesmerizing, in the worst way possible. The lane markings all blend together until it feels like you’re jumping to light speed. Delirium sets in. Hallucinations/delusions are real when doing long stints of night driving even when just a little bit tired. Read more