Unknown Economist
12 min ago

It’s cute how HamNo thinks businesspeople are always acting out of self-interest, but when teachers go on strike, it’s “for the children.” Teacher strikes are about teachers. I don’t mean that pejoratively. Unions exist to support their members. (It’s like how people are perpetually surprised to find that police Read more

1:36 PM

I agree that some owners don’t really try to win. But I’m very skeptical of the argument that the owners collectively are deliberately undervaluing certain players, perhaps on the basis of statistics. If that were true, then smarter owners would take advantage of the inefficiencies and sign those players, i.e., what Read more

4:07 PM

In the baseball playoffs you start your ace first so you can get more games out of him. In a seven game series, you may be able to get three starts. Read more

8:50 AM

Terrible article, even worse headline. “Nearly 75 percent” in the source gets changed to “almost double.” No. That’s about a 14 percent price difference, or about $1,400 on a $10,000 car. (To calculate, I divided 1.99 (“almost double”) divided by 1.74 (“almost 75 percent”) . Of course, it depends on exactly how you Read more