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12:34 PM

I watched the whole press conference Sunday and it perfectly demonstrated this. He is a gaffe-prone moron. And then the political shows tried to suss out ‘what he meant’ and what any of this means. The answer is NOTHING! He is that stupid and he is unable to have any meaning beyond “I am great, I do great things!”

6:27 PM

Yah, because the team was like I know it’s the world series but fuck it, Max has got this, imma gonna coast on this game 5 where we are tied.

6:19 PM

Yeah, I live in an apartment in DC (not poor, but understand your stated limitations). When I was looking for a car I tried to figure out how to make an electric work, but the only way I could find was to drive cross town to a grocery stores, pay for parking and do it on the weekend. I ended up getting an Audi A3 Read more

9:29 AM

Metal is good and all that but it is not classic rock.. Classic rock is pre-90s, non-alternative-y, since that is what it was when I was growing up, which is obviously how things should be judge from here until forever.

4:48 PM

Tie the kid up in a potato sack. Limits mobility and keeps it warm. Two birds, one stone! (For what it’s worth, I am not a parent, btw)

1:54 PM

Lapsed Marlins fan, thank you very much. But I moved here the same year as the Nats, so it was fun rooting for the new team. They gave me a free hat that said Bud Light on the back of it, which is still my only piece of MLB clothing. 

9:50 AM

It’s maddening. My friend is a contractor for a federal agency. He does the work of what 4 people should/could be doing, but instead they hire him to consult while they complain that they can’t stream spotify due to web blockers and wait for him to finish. 

8:27 AM

They spent a shitload in DC. I watched them tear up perfectly fine sidewalks to repave them shittily, because gotta spend this money i guess.

8:24 AM

Just to be clear — he is also corrupt on a comical level. He has a law firm that he directs those looking for government contracts to ‘consult’ with in order to win those contracts. That ‘income’ is on top of his council salary. DC is a total shit show of a city with no oversight. But Jack Evans is like a movie Read more

4:41 PM

There are studies that show that having a target on the urinal is extremely effective in reducing ‘splash zones.’

4:15 PM

As a DC resident I can confirm that this dude is one of the most evil motherfuckers ever — he double parks everywhere because the DC counil give themselves special tags to pre-empt tickets. What a fucker.