ay mamacita
6/04/21 1:46PM

Gaetz is nothing more than a shit stirring frat bro who yells “don’t you know who my father is!?” whenever he’s in trouble distilled to it’s most miserable form. Margie Q, however, is absolutely a crazy eyed true believer who I fear will get violent some day. It’s why I’ve found her obsession with AOC deeply Read more

6/04/21 11:30AM

And that’s the real goal. That was the goal when he ran for President. He owes serious people serious money. And running for office is the second best way to get people to give you their money. For the first, he’d have to learn how to hold a bible right side up.

6/04/21 10:22AM

It’s hard to know for sure which of these grifters is actually high on their own supply and which of them know they are lying their asses off. The latter might be banking on 2024 and voter suppression because that’s all totally real and legitimately a threat. Read more

6/04/21 9:24AM

A GOP member of Congress was anonymously quoted as saying Gaetz doesn’t want to do any legislating, “He just wants to break shit and get on TV.”

6/04/21 9:18AM

Oh I think there are plenty of Republicans who would be all too willing to don the Don’s mantle and lead the idiot legion if Trump himself can’t. Read more

6/04/21 9:04AM

The day that man dies, I’m throwing a large party for 1. It’ll become a personal holiday. 

6/04/21 3:07AM

Anybody backing that pony might as well just head to the glue factory now. Apparently LOSING has destroyed the last few cells in Dump’s empty cranium; his aides say he just rants constantly about the “stolen” election and if they write a speech for him he ignores it and rambles on and on about it at gigs. If he were Read more

6/03/21 7:58PM

So he can pass off his intentional racism as innocent ignorance.

6/03/21 6:14PM

I have to believe the strategy of every one of these Trump Swamp Creatures is simply to try to drag things out until 2024 where they put all their chips on voter suppression winning them back the White House, and thus a DoJ willing to quietly kill all cases against them, or at least a President willing to pardon them Read more

6/03/21 4:59PM

I’d have some concern that her fans might decide to try it themselves, dress and act as she does, and get injured/dead (many people are allergic but may not know it). Read more

6/03/21 10:10AM

He thinks guided tours of enclosed ‘wilderness’ so he can shoot something exotic makes him an outdoorsman.

6/03/21 3:08AM

And CN didn’t yet have any ratings for the Shadow Warriors charity. That’s an odd donations/asset ratio. Is it trying to ride coattails of Wounded Warriors, which has a spotty record?

6/02/21 9:14PM

Really? I would have thought that his forever home would have been living in a squat toilet at a motorway service station outside of Istanbul. But that’s just me.

6/02/21 5:21PM

I’ll give him $500 to just go away and never be seen or heard from again.