1:55 PM

Oh man, you have to be kidding me with this. Her campaign is a joke, she’s a stooge and her Democratic opponent is a good, liberal senator.

2:38 PM

Bullshit. There are misbehaving people of all ages in restaurants. Singling out children is unfair. No, I don’t bring my children to a romantic 5 star restaurant, but I bring them to reasonably priced full service restaurants all the time. If a parent actually parents there is no issue. People, whether they are 4 or Read more

10:25 AM

“Is West Virginia people racist?” is the new “Is our children learning?”

5:18 PM

But the thing about a campaign is, it’s still considered a campaign loan even if was reimbursed from private money.
Read more

1:30 PM

Taylor Ham is not a thing, it’s pork roll or “Rolled pork product.” The FDA ruled that Taylor pork products could not use the term “ham” on their packaging in 1906 as per the Pure Food And Drug Act since it contains a negligible amount of actual ham.

8:21 PM

It’s an interesting study, but this data doesn’t take into account the context of the score and inning of a game. A runner is considered in scoring position if they are at 2nd or 3rd base, because it is far more likely a runner will score on any base hit (whereas a runner on first is only likely to score if it is at Read more

6:37 PM

So, “Alison,” “Pump it Up,” “Radio Radio,” “American Without Tears,” “Sleep of the Just,” and “I Want You” would be my list. Also I just realized I accidentally included 6 songs on my top 5 list, which I guess speaks to Costello’s depth. So cut “American Without Tears,” I guess. Read more

4:49 PM

Yeah, I am not getting much support here and beginning to think I did a bad take. Very embarrassing! Appreciate your perspective, and best of luck with the youngins.

3:56 PM

I’d like to draw your attention to the sexiest topic in this funbag: knowledge of state capitals. There is no elementary school in America where the majority of fourth graders know all the capitals. I mean, I did, obviously. But that MS/AL/AR stretch? UT/WY/SD/ND? Oregon? OREGON!? Kids know a handful, sure, but don’t Read more

11:29 PM

beatdown might be a bit hyperbolic. the celtics were red hot from 3 and the sixers were ice cold from 3. despite the huge disparity in 3 pointer success, the game was actually much closer than the final score. Read more

4:34 PM

My favorite thing is that his comments “calling the man “nonexistent”” so clearly point to his guilt. I mean, unless you know you were the only one who would have her threatened in a parking garage how would you know whether it was true or not

10:59 PM

He got lucky and landed funding from the Mercers. Without that money, he wouldn’t have been able to do all this damage.

10:16 PM

Is it though? I’m bipolar and I can say bar none that I’ve fucked up my life in my manic phases, because they involved the police more than once. It fucking sucks. It might be his bipolar, but I have not once started to adopt alt right ideology when having a manic episode. Read more