Interesting. I had no idea. Thanks for the links. Read more

Your sarcasm detector is not functioning properly. Read more

The only thing more unifying than sport for Americans is their love of hot dog meat sandwiches. Read more

Counterpoint: Don’t fuck someone like that. Read more

She just knows it celebrates her favorite food, which obviously is mayonnaise. Read more

Steve Irwin’s kids seem great. I don’t think Bindi has that killer instinct. Also I think theres at least three types of plants that grow there that won’t kill you. Read more

This is scary. Kangaroos are terrifying. They’ll fuck you up. Read more

Who in the actual fuck would wait an hour for a Starbucks?? That’s absolute insanity. Read more

Especially considering China is a permanent member of the Security Council and can veto anything it wants, even sanctions against itself. Read more

One could make the argument that it’s the answer to the original question. Read more

I’ll bit since you’re inexplicably already ungreyed, but...what?? Read more

Most of the top players aren’t all about reading other players(although that is an aspect), it’s all about the mathematics behind probabilities. Read more

Man out of Time, Watching The Detectives, Sullen Girl, Red Shoes, High Fidelity, Pump it Up, and a million others. He’s the single best songwriter of our time. Read more

You’d be the only person I know. I found Innes to be absolutely unlistenable as did most other people I know. He’s worse than Eskin. His shock jock schtick was interesting for about a week. Maybe it would have worked better if the guy knew anything about sports at all. He was just the worst. I’m glad he’s gone. Read more

This would be the correct take if you were talking about Elvis Costello. Read more

I have four kids. The youngest is three so he doesn’t know shit. The other three, 14, 11, and 9, all know all the capitals. It’s totally something that is taught and kids know. Read more

If you just washed yourself, and did it properly, your balls should be just as clean as your face. Read more

Kobe is the third best(non-center) player ever. He’s behind MJ and Lebron who are 1 and 1A. Read more

Hmm. Maybe you’re right. Maybe something along the lines of DACA to start with? Read more