Sep 29 2016

Maybe you should be responsible journalists and not repeat Tesla ad-copy since they haven’t earned that level of trust? Read more

Jun 30 2016

Why isn't the real bar when semi-autonomous or autonomous cars result in fewer accidents than their human counterparts overall?

May 13 2016

Only if you have your thumb in your ass and you’re looking to be annoyed by dumb shit.

Dec 31 2015

I think you nailed it. Jurassic World had a low bar to clear—give us an unoriginal repeat of Jurassic Park. It didn’t, out of what almost felt like laziness, because you could see a good movie in there. The script needed some trimming, the directing just needed to copy shots from Spielberg, the action sequences needed

Dec 12 2015

This one will be an original story about a fake “post” “man” who delivers mail in a war torn world while he delivers hope as well. Either that or the whole world will now be flooded.

Oct 25 2015

I’m this scenario, LS swap means skip past this vehicle and the S Class to buy a Lexus LS.

Aug 4 2015

A week after Ron Perlman’s death— may it be decades from now!— he’ll still be tweeting about Hellboy 3.

Jul 29 2015

Same could be said for the cookie cutter Pro-Snyder commenters.

Jun 21 2015

The problem with “The Best of Both Worlds” was that it set the bar, and the stakes, so high that TNG was never able to reach that level again. In fact, Star Trek as a whole wasn’t able to until the Dominion War of DS9.

May 13 2015

Incorrect. Mr. Fusion only powers the time circuits and the flux capacitor, but the internal combustion engine runs on ordinary gasoline; it always has.