Uncle Chigurh
11/14/16 12:03AM

Milo, who’s that guy? I only know people who are on Twitter and have a checkmark.

11/06/16 9:51AM

Gawker Media started it, but let’s join in on the fun. Leave your humorous descriptors of “Former Republican presidential nominee and (BLANK) Donald Trump” below; it’s equal parts fun AND cathartic. A few (45 to be exact :-) to get started: Read more

11/06/16 9:46AM

These are a bunch of scared old white men who horde guns to protect themselves from blacks, Muslims and Mexicans. There won’t be a violent uprising because that means they’d have to go outside where there could be blacks, Muslims and Mexicans.

11/06/16 9:40AM

I’m sure they’ll declare it over and over again on message boards far and wide. And then they won’t do anything in the real world.

11/06/16 9:39AM

I fee like people are completely ignoring the fact that their is a solid portion of his own party that has committed to vote against him. It’s not just columnists, look at the counties surrounding Philly. It’s hard enough to win a republican with 100% of your own part voting for you. Read more

11/05/16 11:00PM

If you were expecting him to wreck you would be mistaken. Usually a Bear only eats it when it is a monkey on a bike.

11/05/16 10:52PM

Surprised that drive didn’t end with a pass too.

11/05/16 11:42AM

So we’re all just going to ignore that Mosgov has won 4-straight over the Dubs?

11/05/16 11:21AM

Your coach wouldn’t have had a problem with it. Of course, you had drained them at epic, unprecedented, historic levels for the two years prior to that, right?

11/05/16 11:17AM

Wow the Lakers looks so much better now that Kobe is gone lol