Jan 8

I have to admit this comment caught me off guard and I started laughing.

Jun 23

This looks really cool, but I wish they would have held back a little in the trailer. I feel as though I no longer need to see the movie now since the entire thing was basically in that trailer.

May 29

My mind is boggling that you think every Windows app or utility lives in Microsoft’s “Appstore”

May 15 2020

Oh, holy shit!  Will these games include extremely dense manuals that entire sections dedicated to naval tactics?  Because that’s what I crave (even after a 10 year career in the navy)!

Nov 24 2019

All those enormous clockwork gears, I can’t be the only person who thought of Castle of Cagliostro...

Nov 13 2019

You are assuming they aren’t good because they are diverse or that they were hired solely because of their diversity. I’m assuming that they were hired because they were good writers and they were diverse. Read more

Nov 13 2019

Every single person that had something to say about the original design needs to get their ass to a theater and see the movie. Read more

Nov 13 2019

Many, many people are/were emotionally invested in the character and property enough that they took time out of their day to voice their displeasure with that god-awful first design.
Read more

Oct 28 2019

Nobody seems to care about the fact that there are men out there that are being manipulated by these women. Read more

Oct 26 2019

Complaining that the cameras caught it? Seriously? Are we upset when the cameras catch whether they drag their feet for a catch, or whether a fumble occurs before being down? Darn technology

Oct 26 2019

The main gripe here is that piece of modern technology was used to essentially determine the outcome of a game within a system that is nowhere near as modern... had the camera not caught this brief ricochet and a red-hot Oklahoma offense been allowed to travel the 38 yards necessary to score a touchdown, the game most Read more

Oct 26 2019

It was very obvious...even off of two frames of footage...that the ball hit number 8 before 10 yards. Don't be a dullard. 

Oct 25 2019

I’m pretty sure my standards for “good” are higher, or at least different, than what that chart assumes. Or maybe I’m biased because I’ve watched most of the movies on Netflix that I’m interested in, and new ones get added relatively slowly. But there are way more movies on Disney+ that I’m interested in than there Read more