Jul 13

Yeah, those seem to be the special ones. Everything else is getting cloud streamed to us as we fly over it procedurally

May 15

This looks great, but it’s their Task Force Admiral that I’m really excited for. Haven’t really enjoyed a PTO based game since well... P.T.O. on the SNES. 

Feb 5

Yeah, just by the name I’d have suspected nothing. I mean, one launcher is called Lawnchair, and it’s legit. Apps have dumb names. That’s why these scammy ones succeed. 

Nov 27

“Some of the deadliest tornadoes occur in the Southeast, but storm chasers don’t visit this region to serve as eyewitnesses as they do in the Great Plains” Read more

Nov 13

No. They corrected their own mistake. It wasn’t done as a favor to anyone. Nothing is owed to them for it. And the movie still doesn’t look good. 

Oct 23

First, we’re not in disagreement. You said essentially what I did. However, it’s not as simple as that. He’d also have to prove originality of the moves used. You can’t just throw together generic dance moves and call it an original creation. And even if he wins he’s not likely to get much money. He hasn’t lost money Read more

Oct 23

You can’t copyright a dance move but I think he’d have an argument since they took multiple moves from the same performance. But I don’t think it’d be worth it.