Jun 5 2015

Maybe she really fucking hates iced tea and didn’t want there to be any confusion.

Jun 4 2015

I have neck pains and sleep on my stomach, which I know I’m not supposed to (and this graphic reinforces). How does one manage to correct their sleeping position? I’ve slept on my stomach for as long as I can remember and seemingly can’t fall asleep in any other position.

May 26 2015

In my experience, women managers can be far more critical of prospective female job candidates.

May 26 2015

I’ve been on about half a dozen “hiring committees” over the last year (its our policy not to have one-on-one interviews). And I’m always the only male on the committee, because I happen to work in a majority-woman workplace (which is great). Read more

May 26 2015

To me, that’s a solid approach to these types of questions (and it’s basically what I suggest in the last section here). You knew why they were asking the question and decided to answer it in a way that would give them what they want without going too far into your personal life. Yes, you answered their question, but Read more

May 26 2015

Yeah, Kinja decided to puke up its posting fail error message, only instead of posting fail meaning that the post has failed like normal, it was actually saving and posting it. Kinja comments: Unable to even do failure right.

May 24 2015

“It was an enormous, enormous triumph,” Steinem told ABC “We feel very celebratory and positive that we have created a voyage across the DMZ in peace and reconciliation that was said to be impossible.” Read more

May 22 2015

Jeez. Remember Trading Spaces? I was a nerd who used to recreate it in The Sims. Or A Baby Story? I used to watch that when I was home alone for the day on school holidays during middle school and would freak myself the fuck out about how terrifying the miracle of life is. Read more

May 21 2015

My first thought whenever I see one of these “we don’t fuck until marriage and we date the way god intended, with two or three adult family members in the room at all times” families going on about their virtue and purity and all that, this is all I can think. This kind of weird, embarrassing sexual exploration Read more

May 21 2015

Do you think it has anything to do with why Janna hasn’t been married despite being older than her other married sisters?

May 20 2015

Not a parade, but a very significant turning point in the discourse on abortion in France and Germany was, when in 1971, first the French magazine “le nouvel observateur” published “Le manifeste des 343” in which 343 women (including Simone de Beauvoir) declared “Je me suis fait avorter“ (I had an abortion) and Read more