Keith "Urethra" Franklin
3/15/20 4:10PM

Right lets get behind kid toucher and sniffer Biden. Ol sleepy Joe, who prolly got alzheimer’s, just as corrupt as any other politician. Like Trump I dont think he even wanted to run, but he so outta touch w/his “no malarkey” bullshit and yellin at his own supporters when they throw a real question that imma just vote Read more

3/02/20 9:01PM

Dope but have they fixed the issue where all notification sounds just stopped? Lower speaker no longer works either either alone or in speaker mode. Countless reports have sprung up about this on Google forums and its not a hardware issue. Just started randomly in February for me but others report 2019.

2/22/20 12:39PM

Eh. Every time someone is promoted to series regular, it just means less exploring the characters we already have. We're already spread pretty thin here, guys.

2/22/20 12:00PM

Honestly? Not thrilled. Her first appearance was amazing! She was the perfect blend of sassy, annoying, and smart. Last season, however, she was honestly just abrasive. Not smart, just annoying. When she turned out to be right, it was essentially just luck that inflated an already disgustingly inflated ego. I see how Read more

2/22/20 11:09AM

THIS.  She was the low point of the series, not because she was poorly performed or conceived, but because she’s just a fucking awful person for the most part.  Every time she was on screen I wanted to punch her, and it made me enjoy any scene that included her less.  The show will be less enjoyable to me with her in Read more

2/21/20 2:05PM

The world would do fine to cull some of our herd. Actually more than “some”. Read more

2/19/20 2:05PM

This dude escaped a murder count, wouldn’t you just wipe the sweat from ya forehead and lay low? Nigga legit cant stay out of the spotlight XD

2/15/20 8:04PM

Dunno if I ever wanted to see a continued sequel NOT get made. Thought his old man shuffle (and clever camera work to hide it) in in Episode 7 was bad? Gonna be more embarrassing in this. Read more

2/08/20 11:59PM

For a party that wants to pretend they’re better than the Republicans, they sure stoop to the same childish level.

This is the speaker of the house.

Way to take the moral high road like you all preach, ya old bag!

2/08/20 11:14PM

Do you really think the American public is that stupid to not realize they were just showing what the speech was about that she tore up at the end?

This is the dumbest take I have seen on the controversy yet.

The ad is obvious to anyone with half a brain in what it is showing.

As for Pelosi, this is why she shouldn’t Read more

1/31/20 3:39PM

The article seems a little bias from the very beginning. Shouldn’t it be more objective n just report the facts? The wall is meant to protect our own borders n keeping unauthorized people from entering illegally. Calling it racist doesn’t seem right. I am surprised no one ever talks about Mexico should be better Read more

1/31/20 3:32PM

Instead of complaining about Trumps boarder wall and immediately branding it as racist.. maybe focus on sharing fact and ideas on how we can come together and reform the immigration policies in this country so immigrants can easily and legally enter the country. This country was born on immigration, and you can go to Read more

1/31/20 12:56PM

Are you that stupid? How is the wall racist? It’s not racist to want to keep illegal immigrants out of your country. If Mexico and Central America were full of white people (with the same percentage of drugs and violent people), Trump would have the exact same immigration policy and would still want to build the wall.