Keith "Urethra" Franklin
3/15/20 4:10PM

Right lets get behind kid toucher and sniffer Biden. Ol sleepy Joe, who prolly got alzheimer’s, just as corrupt as any other politician. Like Trump I dont think he even wanted to run, but he so outta touch w/his “no malarkey” bullshit and yellin at his own supporters when they throw a real question that imma just vote Read more

3/02/20 9:01PM

Dope but have they fixed the issue where all notification sounds just stopped? Lower speaker no longer works either either alone or in speaker mode. Countless reports have sprung up about this on Google forums and its not a hardware issue. Just started randomly in February for me but others report 2019.

2/19/20 2:05PM

This dude escaped a murder count, wouldn’t you just wipe the sweat from ya forehead and lay low? Nigga legit cant stay out of the spotlight XD

2/15/20 8:04PM

Dunno if I ever wanted to see a continued sequel NOT get made. Thought his old man shuffle (and clever camera work to hide it) in in Episode 7 was bad? Gonna be more embarrassing in this. Read more

2/08/20 11:59PM

For a party that wants to pretend they’re better than the Republicans, they sure stoop to the same childish level.

This is the speaker of the house.

Way to take the moral high road like you all preach, ya old bag!

1/08/20 7:36PM

But will they finally let you choose what thumbnail orientation you want for “Other Media” Libraries? Hint: it’s not portrait.

12/31/19 4:37PM

biden’s done for, only one who can call out trump is bernie. his slogan is outta touch as it is, let alone the dentures and creepy animation on leg hair. cant get his own facts and location straight and then u go pissing off the king of blue collar industries

12/29/19 7:52PM

“The thing that gets me is that Rose’s involvement in the plot literally wastes everyone’s time”

10000000% this, giant waste of a side story that simply coulda been cut

12/29/19 7:51PM

totally unbelievable, a run of the mill mechanic stops a failed storm trooper and then buddy up together on a ridiculous adventure. both suffered from back acting so i guess it was meant to be