I think what bothers me more is how these RPG relationship simulators always seem to center on the protagonist. Sure, you’re literally the one driving the action, but it always gives the impression that the NPCs have no lives outside you. I’d like to see an RPG that has unseen stats/flags in the background, either Read more

Pretty awful. Sexist, classist, ableist. A disgusting comment. Read more

I am so surprised at that comment that I’m wondering if that isn’t a hacked account, but then the comments preceding it (and after it) are worse. Read more

As I stated to the commenter prior to you, I’m replying sincerely and not to offend you, but your comment is hateful. At home, wherever you are, in your real life and not within the illusory anonymous confines of the internet, ask yourself, how is speaking and thinking about women that way going for you in actual Read more

I’m replying sincerely and not to offend you, but your comment is hateful. It reflects more on the content of your character than hers, that you would choose to have sex with a woman who you find pitiful and have no respect for (see comment that you “just go with because she’s probably down for anything”). In more Read more

You mean a storyline where a brand new miner is sent on the most dangerous retrieval mission, has a vision, and is suddenly the chosen one who’s given a ship and whisked away on a grand adventure (within the first 5 minutes!) isn’t great writing?  Read more

The problem is that BGS is moving away from what made their games good. They used to be about big, detailed, handcrafted worlds that were fun to explore. With Starfield, BGS has focused on quantity over quality and that’s hurt the exploration gameplay. Exploring is now tedious due to the big, barren planets you have Read more

The problem is bethesdas rpgs are so out of date you can tell its been the same formula for 20 years. Read more

Eh, Starfield’s skill tree has a lot of boring incremental upgrades. The fact that you have to unlock skill tiers by doing grindy bullshit isn’t great either. Basically means you either have to sit on your skill points or spend them on stuff you don’t really want. Read more

Baldur’s Gate 3 would like a word with you. I guess it isn’t technically open-world but neither is Starfield since it has tons of instanced content. When it comes to RPGs, BG3 easily puts both Cyberpunk and Starfield to shame. Read more

Like you can become archmage of the guild and sure it’ll be aknowledged within the questline.... and barely anywhere else ever because the other siloed factions/questlines couldn’t care less and are absolutely not written to aknowledge the choices and achievements you make *outside* of these factions and questlines. Read more

I’d like to direct the commentariat to the way the members of the punk band Anti-Flag responded when their lead singer Justin Sane was accused in pretty much the same way Masterson was accused. Read more

Seconding that.... I’d be tempted to debate the “writing” aspect in modern Bethesda games. Not that there isn’t bits of questlines here and there that aren’t really good but how the *structure* of the world kind of negate a lot of it in my opinion after playing these games for a while(I’d actually purchased Skyrim on Read more

I’m one of the people who has been pretty harsh on the game, but I think you’ve nailed the whole deal here as well as I’ve heard anyone do thus far. Read more

It’s a comfort-food game for many, familiar, safe, for many it was never going to set the world on fire, it’s just another Bethesda game, in space. Read more

I will give Grease this: “Beauty School Dropout” is a great number. Read more

I’ll never forget the massive letdown that is AV Club: The Kinja Years. Read more

Personally, I would add Person of Interest to the list of shows that are inheritors to the X-Files mantle. Like X-Files, it has a fluid premise that allows for a pretty broad range of tones from one week to the next, it has a largely unprecedented mash-up of genres (scifi, procedural, crime drama, superhero), it Read more

It really makes you realise just how much heavy lifting voice actors - actual experience voice actors who make their living from VAing and pretty much nothing else - do in a lot of games. Read more

Fuck Embracer.  Fuck megacorps. Read more