What I can’t fathom in all this is why they haven’t moved Fallout to a different studio at this point. It feels absurd that the wait for the next one could be another ten years from now. Read more

I’d also want for my non-active party members to not solely be at camp. It feels odd for Gale to just stand a out in camp begging for me to find something for him rather than, say me heading into the Druid camp and spotting him there, trying to purchase something (could also lead to some humorous encounters when Read more

TBH, even though I put a ton of hours into III, the fact it was Lorath completely slipped past me. Perhaps on part because I recognised Ralph Ineson’s voice so much that in IV he felt like a whole new character. Read more

I feel that’s likely, tbh. I’d not be surprised if he joins the story to relay a message to us a out something coming up. Read more

I've been there, but I don’t recall seeing them. I'll have to dig in a little more to find them then :3 Read more

Aha, I never played 2, but that's cool to know :3 Read more

With only Necromancers using shields and having no abilities that utilise them the way the Crusader did in III, I too am really hoping for a knight. Might even be able to work in the mount for some of the skills, though that could end up looking really goofy. Read more

One has to wonder that if it’s as dire as all this, why are they still bothering with consoles at all? Hubris, or just stubbornness? Read more

Personally, I struggle to see how one can be “proud” of hating something as subjective and divisive as a filmic universe. I don’t think anyone cares one way or another at this point. Read more

I feel like Gene said enough stupidly arrogant things that he may convince people he was the one guiding Barry into killing, not Fuches. His inability to refrain from self-aggrandising will be his downfall. Read more

I’m only going to comment on one game and that’s LiS. I related to Max so much, I get that she isn’t the most exciting, but her introverted nature was/is so like me. Playing it as her starting to awaken to being queer also resonated so much for me having been so alone and isolated at that age. Read more

“Applesauce, bitch” As stupid as that film is, I still love it. Read more

Whilst I’m not a fan of monopolies and generally the practices of big business as a whole, I really don’t want to see any “crash and burn” because excluding reputation, the only people who’ll suffer are the employees who’ll be jettisoned asap whilst the people who should be held accountable will have their golden Read more

I wanted to like Wildstar so much but as soon and they pushed their ‘hardcore’ message I noped right off it and so didn’t even try it until it was f2p. I dislike a game feeling like a chore, bit all I heard about it said that was the goal. Read more

Such a contrast to his role in Shades of Blue where he was an absolute monster. Read more

I love Florence and the Machine and this is amazing!!! So damn atmospheric. So much better than the original, too. Read more

She may be mature, but she can’t know for certain if her death would even save humanity (the scientists only think what they have planned will work). Read more

Not only thay, but in suggesting Ellie would have wanted to sacrifice herself, they suggest a child of that age can give informed consent to being murdered. I’m not sure many adults can give that, let alone one so young. Read more

I think it’s probably less caring about small businesses and more to do with human laziness. The ”Stick with what you know” mentality. Could also be weird contracts in play that will cause headaches, which again aren’t looked into because of complacency. Read more

Oh, I still like a lot of what they produce, which is why this all feels so frustrating. The head of the BBC should not be picked by the government, even if it's government funded. It needs to be an independent or at least unaffiliated. Same for health secretary and education and a few others. This is especially Read more