Feb 25 2016

As an avid motorcycle rider I was pretty stoked to see this news. Just plugged a random Bangkok ride for fun - Thailand Cultural Centre to Thanon Phaya Thai. 7.7km trip (~4.78 miles). That ‘moto’ ride would cost an estimated 54-68 baht ($1.51-1.91 USD for the curious). There’s no surge in that area right now, so Read more

Feb 24 2016

Not sure how this will work here. My thinking is that UberMOTO is mainly going to be a service for neophyte but somewhat adventurous tourists that don’t speak any Thai. Read more

Sep 28 2015

Totally depends on the city/Uber market. But I’d agree that new drivers in general tend to be ‘fare-happy’. I didn’t know my rating until a driver recently said how he saw I was rated 5 stars! I don’t take tooooo many rides, and I consider myself a pretty courteous/fair person, But I was still happy to hear that. Now Read more

Jul 18 2015

Uber ASSIST has actually been around for a bit, I’m assuming perhaps they’ve been testing it in just a small handful of cities. I think it’s awesome what they’re doing; Helping the elderly/disabled get around easier. Read more