Apr 2 2019

didja think to ask first or just presume?

Apr 1 2019

Wait, Meghan McCain had a father? Pray, what was his name?

Apr 1 2019

When you’re a Jet, you’re a Jet all the way.

Mar 30 2019

“No apology needed, Stevie. I’m such a fan of yours. I’ve been listening to your stuff from your time with The Mamas and the Papas, and it just blows me away.”

Mar 29 2019

Yeah, it’s great he likes it, but...why does he like it? What works well about the composition? What doesn’t? I’m not surprised the girl cried—This isn’t useful critique.

Mar 29 2019

This one got me. My 10-year-old daughter does stuff like that. She’s always creating little crafts and drawings and letters and giving them to me. I mean, they suck because she’s 10, but I love them so much. Read more

Mar 29 2019

It’s this sort of thing that makes me reconsider the notion that the world needs to be purged by fire. I still think it should, but stuff like this gives me momentary pause.

Mar 29 2019

Lisa Marie Presley can. And also to Michael Jackson. 

Mar 26 2019

“...there should never be an attempt to try a case in the court of public opinion.” Read more

Mar 26 2019

Links to an article about Meghan McCain in her tweet but the tweet is not about Meghan McCain.

Mar 25 2019

THANK YOU. Judgment may be emotionally satisfying but it’s a poor teacher. 

Mar 25 2019

I’m a clinical social worker (just like Karamo!) and this article is basically every parent calling me to complain that I’m not being hard enough on their kid and change isn’t happening fast enough. Effective change comes from communicating connection and acceptance, while also leading the client to their own Read more

Mar 25 2019

Neel is a totally underrated episode. He had internalized the idea that emotion/domestic chores/grooming wasn’t “manly” and ended up completely depressed and isolated. The Fab 5 did a great job gently luring him out of his hole while still holding him accountable (isn’t that the one where Bobby made him do all the Read more

Mar 22 2019

Whats with her glazed, half awake stare? Is she trying to look as uninterested in the world as it is in her? Read more

Mar 20 2019

It’s time to embrace her pre-determined destiny anyways: angling for coverage in People magazine for her marriage to Steve Guttenberg’s nephew

Mar 19 2019

Human life is a sexually transmitted disease with a 100% mortality rate.

Mar 19 2019

What if I mix the SSB with alcohol? Surely this is a two wrongs make a right situation!

Mar 16 2019

Yeah, I generally put hot stuff on top of the oven instead of the counter. The cook top glass is supposed to have vertually zero thermal expansion, and it won't melt or discolor from heat.