2:23 PM

It’s odd to compare two drastically different genres, especially a group that was manufactured specifically appeal to young girls. NKOTB were also older teenagers and relatively “attainable” in a fantasy sense. Motley Crue, aside from their brand being about hot lady sex wherever they can get it, were in their late Read more

2:21 PM

But but but, he INTRODUCED her! If you don’t even know the name of the group of the the guy who is INTRODUCING you to be inducted into the Hall of Fame, it’s a little weird. It wasn’t some random media interview! BUT I LOVE YOU STEVIE! YOU ARE STRANGE AND WONDERFUL!

5:16 PM

They interviewed this same little girl to ask her about how she felt and it’s really cute too.

11:13 AM

I was really rather perplexed by Gilbert’s public announcement, but after reading her post and thinking about it a little, I realize how much sense it makes. Especially because I was perplexed due to my initial judgment (I thought, wasn’t she just in love with someone else??), which is kinda shitty but totally didn’t Read more

8:04 PM

Hopefully this will be Simpson’s last child, so we don’t have to read Jezebel’s exhausting updates about her pregnancy being “15 years” long, like her two prior pregnancies. And just like those other times, it always sounds like passive-aggressive commentary about how big she is #lesigh

2:54 PM

Jeff Lewis is a classic narcissist and it sounds like this guy figured it out pretty quickly. Good for him! Unfortunately, there are always plenty of people pleasers out there who fall right into the trap of a narcissist and end up in a codependent relationship. I’m sure he’ll bounce back with one pretty quickly. Le Read more

2:19 PM

Is this what it’s like to have so much money and privilege that you have the time and resources to file a lawsuit for some bullshit?? JFC

3:46 PM

Ugh me too. Michael Jackson’s music is the soundtrack to millions and millions of people, that spanned several decades, but particularly in the height of his fame late 70s/80s. Jesus. Like you said, it’s not one show, like The Cosby Show, that we can turn off. It’s the music of an entire generation across the goddamn Read more

12:01 PM

If I didn’t know someone personally who was groomed & sexually abused repeatedly as a child, who didn’t come forward till his late 20s and whose journey mimics both Robson’s and Safechuck’s so so eerily similar, I think I would have a very difficult time letting go of that deep, childhood nostalgia for both Kelly and Read more

3:11 PM

And this season is definitely going to hurt. I was already crying at the trailer, with Arya and her murderous eyes and then Jaime’s speech about fighting for the living. I loved Arya once, but that little murdering idiot is going to kill all the good people on her goddamn list. AGH :/

9:36 AM

I mean...yes? Not strangers, but friends or people I’m well acquainted with? Sure. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

4:59 PM

This story has been an INSANE fascination for me too. I don’t understand how anyone, let alone a celebrity, would ever think they could get away with such an elaborate stunt (and a very terribly staged one, at that). Whatever his reasons were, he is obviously a deeply troubled human. Maybe he is feeding a drug Read more

12:01 AM

I obviously have no knowledge about Gaga’s personal relationships but, as a regular person who consumes a lot of media, It’s been VERY uncomfortable watching Gaga GAGA all over Bradley Cooper during the last few months of press, promotions, and the awards circuit. No clue if these two things are related, but damn Read more

11:22 PM

Me too. I’m so perplexed by the motivation and how in the WORLD did he think he would get away with something like this? It sounds like they are also trying to collect evidence that he sent that magazine letter to himself, which would wrack up additional charges. Just an all-around complete and utter shitshow. 

4:30 PM

I like Dog Theory and I hope it’s true. Season 7 was disappointing in so many ways though, so I really really hope that was just a terrible lead-in to what should be a GREAT ending. I don’t want it leaving me desperately waiting for those books to be released, because I think we can all safely assume that is unlikely

8:59 PM

“The bubble of hopeful morality” --I love that! I would like to add Bob Ross to this list too please. 

4:43 PM

I really have not been able to deal with the idea of Michael Jackson being an actual child molester, even though deep down, we all know it’s probably true. It’s the same reason that I’ve been so nervous that someone will come out and say something horrible about Mr. Rogers—I have too many wonderful childhood memories Read more

2:25 PM

I agree with you, but I think she uses it as both: evidence of expertise and as a crutch to paint herself as a victim. Depending on the moment. Read more