Aug 29 2019

You should probably stay away from the comedy if you're going to take it that literally. 

Jul 22 2019

I appreciate it was a mistake but you’ve just given me my new favorite introductory clause.

Jul 16 2019

I can’t wait for the next segment of “Tinactin a Fool”

Jul 13 2019

I’m sure watching it on grass makes the experience even better.

Jul 11 2019

These picks could be valuable. Who knows, they could use them to draft some real talent. Maybe they land 3 real superstar MVP caliber players through the draft, and hit on a couple of other later picks for some solid role players, and have themselves a perennial contender. Then they might have to pay them eventually, Read more

Jul 11 2019

Most of the picks are thrown into the future. There’s just so many variables that will effect where a 2025 pick will land. Houston might be a lottery team! Miami could be in 2023! Or Pence will be president and basketball will be outlawed and Miami underwater.

Jul 10 2019

I’ve been warning people about these highly evolved lacto hoofasauruses for years. Now they’ve come for us...on the kinja boards.

Jul 8 2019

The Pistons deal would put butts in the seats, but by god will it flame out epically. Five years ago, you put D-Rose, Blake, and Russ on the same team, you’re gonna get shouts of “Finals or Bust!” Now, it’ll be “4 seed or bust!” Read more

Jul 8 2019

I’m pretty sure OKC replacing the least movable contract in the sport with the second-least movable contract in the sport is not what they are going for with a Westbrook trade. Is your brother GM Doc Rivers?

Jul 8 2019

EDIT: Well, shit, that didn’t work at all. Anyone know how to embed Instagram shit? Do I just paste the URL?

Jul 8 2019

I’m all in with my Pistons grabbing Westbrook. We are already capped out and shitty, at least a Blake-Russ combo would be good on paper and interesting to watch.

Jul 5 2019

I’ll accept that... in case you were wondering, I’m a hypocrite, too.

Jul 4 2019

This happened to a friend about 10 years ago. He was home visiting family in New Mexico over the holidays and a drunk driver ran the light and t-boned the car he was a riding in. His window was down and his arm was hanging out and took the full force of the car. Lost his arm right above the elbow and there was really Read more