You had fordboy357 at "meat tornado"
Dec 17 2018

There is a lot of butthurt hate for Ken Block. I always here that “he isnt even that good” or “his videos SUCK!” or “anyone could do that with his equipment”. Read more

Dec 17 2018

...Nissan Xterra, OK, well, that might be a story for another time.

Nov 20 2018

In my brief (about 2 hours a few months ago) searching into power for 300s, I seem to recall the 3-2 barrel setup being pretty popular for the 6=8 crowd. Read more

Oct 30 2018

Good, the planet is dying. I’d still like it if ICE engines remain available in enthusiast or low-volume models, however. Pay a premium, some of which should offset the carbon emissions, and have your fun.

Oct 24 2018

How many more people must sacrifice their dignity for pointless comments hating on his free high-quality entertainment?

Oct 16 2018

If only it twuh so simple.

Sep 3 2018

did you marry her?

Aug 8 2018

While I support the #proletariatrevolution, I doubt this will reduce muscle mass of folks who are lifting watermelon equivalents over their heads all day, but their backs will be ready to fight in the revolution.

Aug 8 2018

I really hope this ends up as COTD. If nothing else I’m curious what $kaycog would come up with.

Jun 15 2018

The color matched hard top doesn’t bother me nearly as much as those brodozer wheels

Jun 4 2018

Way to go, you fucking toxic nerds. Solo was a good movie.

I was 12 when Return of the Jedi came out. You know what I had between 1983 and the SE releases?

Dash Fucking Rendar.

All you pansy ass pansies whining about “oversatuation” need to tape a fucking aspirin on and get back in the game.

I guaran-damn-tee you that Read more

Mar 22 2018

To be fair, it’s not like there is much to say. Do you want them to spell out that the F-35 is not, in fact, invisible, and that it reflects light just like most other objects in the known universe? That our president is a complete and utter moron, doesn’t understand the basic workings of our world let alone the Read more

Feb 28 2018

Ssh. It’s my goal to get one of those in the next year, don’t let others onto the secret lest prices go up.

Jan 19 2018

It’s hard to get more manly than Duke F’n Togo. Or stone-faced.

Jan 16 2018

I think it was called, “The RC Car That Couldn’t Slow Down”.

Apr 14 2017

The lack of Redline is disturbing.