TXP True
7/29/20 3:35PM

182,521 vehicles. Out of the estimated 15.2M vehicles less than 5 years old still likely to enter the used car market this year via the lease, retail and existing rental channels. 1.2% or so. The blip that makes in market trends isn’t nearly big enough to be seen amidst the noise that is Covid.

7/29/20 3:02PM

People with poor credit? Shouldn’t be too big a shift from selling to Hertz.

7/29/20 11:32AM

Unfortunately... yes. There are now new outbreaks happening in Europe, Australia, China, and other areas that had previously gotten things under control. At this point the US will probably be “done” with this at about the same time the rest of the world will have to deal with a second wave.

7/29/20 8:40AM

Chris is identified as “Audi Mechanic” and Kate is identified as “Former Exec. Assistant For Dealership”. Based on the way she was looking at him I just assumed they were married or a couple in some kind of relationship.

7/28/20 7:20PM

I couldn’t watch the video with sound and with no closed captioning made it useless for me except for one thing; I wish my wife looked at me like this woman looks at this guy telling the story.

7/24/20 4:05PM

Depends on the condition of the crankshaft.

7/24/20 3:25PM

I wonder how much it would cost to res-erect this vehicle?  Would it be hard for someone with auto-building skills?  Would the original owner condom your efforts?

7/23/20 4:25PM

I’d wager the whine from this thing is due to straight cut gears.  They’re stronger than helical cut gears but really noisy.