Mar 5 2019

Yeah. I expect Gendry to reforge Ice from Oathkeeper and Widow’s Wale to give us Lightbringer.

Mar 4 2019

He’s boring as shit. I couldn’t get through Kid Gorgeous on a 5 hour flight. It just wasn’t funny. Not bad or anything just not funny. He’s boring and bland.

Mar 4 2019

He’s not funny at all. Don’t get it. He’s about as funny as La Croix is a good beverage. And I’d bet my ass there’s huge overlap between La Croix drinkers and people who find him funny. Read more

Mar 3 2019

Scott Pilgrim is an amazing movie for a number of reasons. If the Academy had a category for casting, who ever casted Scott Pilgrim would have won in a landslide. The got-them-before-they-blew-up young talent in the movie is insane.

Mar 2 2019

Watching the behind the scenes of Hot Fuzz and the launch of the Spaced DVDs here, you got this sense of “OMG, I can’t believe we get to do this” and when I see Edgar he still has that vibe (Nick too though his profile is a bit lower stateside). Simon doesn’t seem to have that joy and maybe it has less to do with the Read more

Mar 2 2019

I know he’s talked about having some issues with alcohol and depression and maybe it’s that, but he just hasn’t come across as personable since moving into bigger roles and he feels more insider-y. Read more

Mar 2 2019

He always seemed like he had a slight pretentious edge (going back to Spaced that was part of the schtick), but now he seems like a Hollywood insider that’s lost his roots to be honest. 

Mar 2 2019

This isn’t 100% related to his body, but I’ve found that I’ve liked Simon Pegg less the more famous he has gotten. I don’t know if it’s that he seems a bit more pretentious or what not, but of Edgar, Nick and Simon, I’m a bit less endeared to Simon now.

Mar 1 2019

Why should I change my name?  She’s the one who sucks.

Mar 1 2019

My word.  Why does Jez care about this (manufactured) nonsense so much?

Feb 28 2019

Remember Luke’s diaper from the bacta tank? Like that.

Feb 26 2019

I’ve heard rumors that BCoop is gay for years. I have really no opinion on whether he is or not, and I don’t consider it a negative. He can be gay or straight or bi or fluid or whatever floats his boat. But Jennifer Esposito’s “ha” might have more depth to it.

Feb 25 2019

Opening with an Adam Lambert-fronted Queen sure is one way to make people appreciate Rami Malek’s Mercury impersonation all the more. 

Feb 24 2019

But did Queen continue though? Genesis continued to evolve, Queen were almost an afterthought until Wayne’s World and freddie passing and theyve been coasting on that goodwill ever since.

Feb 19 2019

Just when you thought the Pitchfork crowd couldn't be more insufferable.

Feb 15 2019

My girlfriend calls this type of music pregnant-teenager-music, which seems to cover it pretty well. Read more

Feb 14 2019

This is not music, but a gossip column mixed with a 12 year old's diary. Read more

Jan 31 2019

I am so glad to be so fucking old as to have had no fucking idea what an “influenceris or does. Now that I kind of know, I am almost ready to slit my wrists.

Jan 29 2019

If Jezebel becomes the daily Blow Job for Bernie, like Gawker was in 2016; I’m out. Read more