Sep 18 2017

It’s ok to have a couple badass units that are above the rest to help carry them through the hellhole that is the first act of XCOM. You do need a rotating roster obviously so you’re not sending in tired guys, but having 1-2 guys that are a few ranks above the rest isn’t a bad thing. A ranger with bladestorm for Read more

Sep 15 2017

Honestly man, if you’re committed to trying it anyways: Accept that you may not have a good result in that mission. Move slowly and as a group (Overwatch crawling is strongly recommended if you have low-level troops in a civilian defense). If there’s civilians too far away to get to safely, leave them be. Read more

Sep 15 2017

Honestly if you are only just at the Mox rescue mission, you may be better off starting the entire game over, and executing the very early missions much cleaner due to your experience the next time. Although skipping the event is not the end of the world - it will trigger a “Dark Event” that you must deal with for a Read more

Aug 30 2017

Its pretty obvious what happened. People were buying lots of water. Best Buy does not sell water in bulk, so the employees just left the water in their shipment packaging and sold the water for the same price (I assume the local manager was not authorized to issue bulk discounts?), indifferent to how the internet Read more

Aug 29 2017

Fantastic read Nathan. You mention that you don’t have to micromanage the Avatar project so much. Does that ease some of that tension? I remember playing vanilla Xcom 2, and sometimes it just felt TOO stressful...

Jul 4 2017

On the one hand, these are very clever and well-executed.

Mar 2 2017

As a father of handicapped kids, thank you. Some of my kids will need life-long care so someday when the other kids are out of college and the house is paid off I swear the best worst idea would be for me to get a diesel van and build a massive winch bumper so I could “assist” people who illegally park in handicap Read more

Feb 28 2017

This gives me hope that I might like Torment. I really wanted to like Pillars, but the dialogue fatigue set in pretty early for me.

Feb 23 2017

Come on son get your head in the game. Never click on Comment of the Day if you do not have 360 deg of awareness of coworkers or screen visibility to others.

Feb 18 2017

Wait. Am I the only one who remembers them being spelled Unknown?

Feb 9 2017

You need some Patrician IV in your life. Also Offworld Trading Company.

Feb 2 2017

Americans are so precious, and this Drew rant to open the Jambaroo is emblematic of it. Oh my God the sky is falling, life has never ever been this miserable for people anywhere ever!!!!!! Ask some Native Americans how the arc of history has been working out for them under “sane” Presidents of the United States. Or Read more

Jan 31 2017

This old vid from Evo shows why they are such an important car.