Twirlip of the Mists

Let’s just get this over with.

It really pissed me off when I thought we were at war with Eurasia, only to be told that, in fact, we were at war with Eastasia and had always been at war with Eastasia. Read more

The Space Jockeys are not aliens who come from the far dark unknown reaches of space, but are actually human beings who are responsible for humans being on Earth in the first place. Also, an android that we created, David, turns out to have created the Xenomorph. Read more

The movie was fine. I read the books, and frankly they do not hold up. Even apart from the racism/sexism, they’re just okay. There’s some cool ideas there, but none of them are executed particularly well. Read more

Yep, Thor is coming out, I rather watch that. Read more

Dissect it in the comments. Read more

“300 years after man declared God dead,”
Speculate on what the hell happened in 2007 below!

You’re not even bothering to defend your own pearl-clutching, sensationalist blog post, I see. Welp, I’m not surprised. Read more

I also don’t get where the outrage is about the scene in the book (which is also not in the movie) where one of the bullies gives the other one a handjob and then offers to “put it in my mouth if you want.” To fake outrage over one act of childhood sexuality but completely miss the other either means there’s some Read more

It’s that how the internet blog writer opinion mafia wants me to think of it? Sorry, not gonna oblige. There are far, far grosser things described in that book. Read more

In the book you’re right. In the show, not so much. Read more

The Lara Croft movie looks like it’s being very faithful visually to the rebooted games. That still looks like it could be a screenshot from either of them. Read more

BvS were great films despite the critical reception and brought in tons of money. Read more

This is incredibly disappointing. The Inhumans are one of my favorite Marvel properties.
Read more

It’s doubtful that Warner Bros. is playing some Machiavellian move here. More than likely, they just don’t have a plan and have no idea what they’re doing. Read more

Oh yeah, I head about a tourist that visited that site once. He climbed all those steps and wanted to ring the bell at the end, but the poor guy had no arms, having lost them in an industrial accident years previous. Read more

So tire of SJW bs trying to blame every little thing on people. News flash: Nature causes its own problems. I can’t imagine that 2400 people a day does as much damage as 3 grown dragons running around breathing fire. Even with only 2 now, I feel like that’s the real issue. Maybe they can enact some leash laws? Or just Read more

I can just imagine the howls of betrayal when fans realize that nothing in the Star Wars cartoons or other spinoffs was ever going to pay off in the movies in any meaningful way. Read more