Twirlip of the Mists

Yes. Although it’s in the same world - Shawshank Prison features in It, Bag of Bones and 11/22/63, amongst others. Read more

Am I correct in thinking this is not in the MCU? Read more

This. The Netflix shows are all fine - I enjoyed some a lot, others less so, but they maintain a certain quality. The Cloak and Dagger trailer looks fine too. But the ABC stuff is embarassing. Haley Atwell carried Agent Carter for two short seasons, but it wasn’t the show the actor or character deserved. Read more

I’d guess a massive crash within the century, followed by a slow, sad decline as the survivors, scavenging amongst the ruins of civilisation, regress into barbarism and fade into extinction. Read more

Probably a Negative Space Wedgie. Specifically a Swirly Energy Thingy. Read more

75% crap is probably about right (and 25% mediocrity). Read more

I can enjoy some real shlock but this series is so bad it’s causing me physical pain. The dog in the first scene made a lucky escape. Read more

Yeah, most of them have connections. IT has a lot. Main characters from IT show up in Insomnia and 22/11/63. Pennywise is mentioned in The Tommyknockers - and Nos4r2 by Joe Hill. Henry Bowers gets sent to Juniper Hill Asylum, like lots of others. Mike Hanlon’s father was at the Black Spot fire with Dick Hallorann from Read more

Yeah, the ending of that film was hilariously bad - the instant he steps out of the car, the military shows up with all the survivors and the Mist disappears. I expected the camera to pan over to Nelson from the Simpsons: ha-ha! Read more

Definitely my favourite episode of this series so far. Read more

The thing that revived Alien, I think, is when it was remastered in HD. If you’ve only seen it on a panned-and-scanned VHS tape or TV broadcast, it looks pretty underwhelming. If you’ve seen it in HD widescreen, with the resolution cranked up so that tiny details like the Weylan(d)-Yutani wings on the crew uniforms Read more

Yes, I always liked the novella and I was quite enjoying the film until the ending turned it into a one-trick shaggy dog story. Read more

My expectations for this are nonexistent. I saw a couple of the positive reviews but they appear to be by people who genuinely think Prometheus is a good film, so I have to seriously question their judgement. On the other hand, while it’s not going to be Alien or Aliens, third place in the Alien franchise is a pretty Read more

I see your Valeyard, and raise you The Meddling Monk. Read more

That’s how I was thinking about it. Read more

BBC iPlayer has the binaural audio version up (listed as Doctor Who Enhanced). I thought it was quite effective. Read more