TwinCharged - Is Now UK Opponaut
8:59 PM

You’re complicating this. This is nice, but it’s much much simpler.

1. Buy model / toy cars
2. Remove from packaging
3. Display them on your desk or shelf, or move them around on your desk while you’re on the phone
4. Make car noises
5. Offer zero fucks.

10:49 AM

I know it’s an infinitesimally small sample size, and purely anecdotal, but I actually enjoyed my Freelander. It never broke down or left me stranded, was a good deal of fun through central Florida’s swampy back roads, and was a great camping vehicle. I’m sure that I was one of the lucky ones, but I honestly have

11:57 AM

“Here’s One Of The Many Reasons Why Jalopnik Is Officially Pro-Roundabout” Then you’ll love Milton Keynes which, by the way, is a phrase very rarely heard..

9:34 AM

“You’re not too clever are ya?” “Perfect”

9:20 AM

Imagine if F1 used this as an opportunity to raise awareness for causes or segments of the population who could use it. Replace the Grid Girls with Grid Heros. For instance, how about cancer survivors at one race, or military veterans at another, or disadvantaged youths at another, or...

10:44 PM

That’s good to know! The bad thing about a smart’s oil filter is that the oil filter is the lowest point on the engine and depending on the chosen filter, the lowest point on the vehicle. In a few cases on the smart forum, a few unlucky folks have would tried to straddle a large obstacle, only to damage the filter. Read more

4:59 PM

Thank you for actually giving a nice response instead of the others, who either are transphobic (what does that have to do with this?????) or are questioning the validity of what happened/calling me a troll. Read more

11:51 AM

Interestingly enough, that’s similar to how my daily driver smart caught on fire. In the summer of 2016 I was driving home from a contract when I just so happened to touch my handbrake was burned my hand. I didn’t have a whole lot of time to be curious about it because twenty seconds later the CEL came on. Read more

12:57 AM

Do you also complain on supercar threads about how they can’t hold luggage or haul lumber? Bitching about something a car wasn’t designed to do is like whining that your toaster doesn’t make orange juice.