TwinCharged - Is Now UK Opponaut
11:51 AM

He didn’t go to jail because he was speeding. He went to jail because he lied to the police and tried to dispose of evidence, by dumping the jammer in a river behind his house. That’s how serious a crime it is to pervert the course of justice.

3:06 PM

And in the end, the DMC-24 concept became the Lamborghini Marco Polo. Later iterations had aerodynamic hubcaps, but you can still see the DeLorean wheels in this pic.

1:56 PM

Gurl, the car was literally deemed unsafe to drive. The chassis was useless to anybody and the parts used to fix it, allegedly stolen, would’ve only had scrap value.

3:16 AM

That’s not how it works for Cat B cars. Cat B means the vehicle literally cannot function as a vehicle anymore - they can only be sold to be dismantled to people who have a dismantling licence i.e scrapyards. They’re only worth as much as their parts, and because allegations are floating around of that Ferrari having Read more