Oct 27 2016

But it’s affirmative action and political correctness that are problems because then brown people and women just expect things to be given to them.

Oct 27 2016

Commentor Busslayer upthread summed it up best. It’s not about black voters, it’s about white voters. Specifically, it is about the white voters who are on the fence about casting their ballot for Trump due to his racism. This gives them the “out” they want. It soothes their nerves when they can say he reached out to Read more

Oct 24 2016

That’s what Subway’s lawyers are going to argue. She’s basically saying “but for” Subway’s concealment of his proclivities, she wouldn’t have married him. That seems like a bit of a stretch to me.

Oct 24 2016

Mm, this hurts. I think I’m fucking this up. I steal my kisses, often. I’ve gotta stop. This article is amazing and I have a lot to learn about parenting. It’s really hard to shift gears, but I will try.

Oct 20 2016

The victim blamers in the greys who are responding to my post can fuck off. Oh and you completely missed the point you twats.

Oct 18 2016

Mental health workers get paid much less, have probably just as little training, and if they were caught defending themselves from an attack they would be fired and possibly have charges pressed against them. Read more

Oct 17 2016

This particular story completely splits my listeners. Some of my friends are horrified; my brother became furious at ME (in a protective sort of way) when I told him it; but still others don’t see it as a big deal, or at least, do not find it the least alarming. In a few cases, people are quick to defend the non-scary Read more

Oct 17 2016

I’ve only told this story to my closest friends. I haven’t even confided in my sister (for fear of the obvious shame). Please buckle in because this tale needs to be told in length. Read more

Oct 17 2016

The first thing I noticed was the body language here. I don’t like the way he’s gripping her arm.

Oct 16 2016

This is the only appropriate reaction when meeting the Ms. Lauryn Hill of East Orange, New Jersey, of course. And Ms. Hills “Bitch, yas./I know.” reaction makes this all the better.

Oct 15 2016

“but I believe it is possible for most to rhetorically trounce Trump without additional chemical assistance”. With half of her brain cells tied behind her back.

Oct 10 2016

My immediate response was “oh hell no guilty AF.” Only a sleazy, raping bag of dicks would try that defense.

Sep 20 2016

Because the world doesn’t revolve around white people. Because black people are disproportionately the victims of cop shootings. Because too many people believe it isn’t really a problem. Because its the symptom of systemic and institutionalized abuse and racism. Because we’re a first world country where minorities Read more

Sep 18 2016

That’s too fast. I would prefer he be beaten with a baseball bat, then set on fire, then tied to cinder blocks and dropped into a body of water. What’s good for the goose, and all.