Feb 1 2015

This won't top it because it's not actually my celebrity encounter, but it's too awesome an encounter not to post. My friend's sweet little grandmother (think old lady from Titanic) told Dick Cheney to go fuck himself right to his face. He wasn't VP yet, just a lowly congressman, but still AMAZING.

Jan 31 2015

OK so I'm working the front counter at a Blockbuster Video and an insanely good-looking man approaches, prepared to buy the movie "Double Jeopardy" starring Ashley Judd. "This is a great movie!" I tell him, stopping just short of asking if he had anyone to watch the movie with. He smiled at me and said in a Read more

Jan 30 2015

Better late than never, and most definitely should've posted this story sooner but here it goes. I do promise this will make you smile. Read more

Jan 28 2015

We did this much better in the 80's and 90's - mixed tapes.

Jan 26 2015

That's cus us black folks claim you no matter what. ;)

Jan 24 2015

That kind of reminds me of the summer I was fifteen, when I wandered into the bathroom at the local teen center one hot afternoon. Three kids who I kind of knew were in there slopping pink Manic Panic all over their hair. One of the girls (I swear to god I remember it being two girls and one boy, though that doesn't Read more

Jan 24 2015

Here I am, exceedingly goth in 1987 (I was 16 in this photo)... the hair was dyed black, and every day I would crimp the entire thing, tease it, and spray it with industrial ozone-destroying hair spray. My mission was to emulate Siouxsie Sioux from the band Siouxsie and the Banshees. I think I did a decent job, but in

Jan 23 2015

16 year old me had acne and Groucho Marx eyebrows. I went to a dermatologist for the acne and a waxer for the brows... Unfortunately I was prescribed Retin A for the acne. It says RIGHT ON THE TUBE not to get waxed while using it, but I was 16 and didn't read the tube. The wax ripped the skin right off. So ya know Read more

Jan 23 2015

I have dark black hair. Long dark black hair. But when I was a teenager I was not happy having long dark black hair. However It's hard to lighten black hair when you don't know what you are doing and silly me I thought you could bleach your hair with actual bleach. So I went to the cupboard and got the javex and Read more

Jan 23 2015

When I was 10 I got a haircut that I didn't particularly care for. It was the mid-90s and it was some shoulder length, layered monstrosity. Because I was a bit of a lazy tomboy I never bothered to do anything proper with my hair, I'd go to bed with wet hair and in the morning, I'd wake up with the layers going in a Read more

Jan 16 2015

I always end up posting really late to these. I have to read half of the (awesome) posts until I remember that I have a story too. Read more

Jan 16 2015

This girl that I remain excellent friends with to this day. Now, the girl herself wasn't the problem. Nor was the act. It wasn't even the morning after. It was the afternoon after, when I met up with a friend whom I had canceled plans with due to, well, the girl. Read more

Jan 16 2015

Not my story at all, but my cousin once fucked Vanilla Ice. He looked like this at the time (complete with that vile goatee-thing):

Jan 16 2015

I was rolling deep on E and barfed on some TKE's shoes at a kegger. He took me back to his apartment (thank the baby Jesus, he didn't live in the house) and put on Ani DiFranco (whaaaaaa?) and we had awkward sex. He looked kinda like Seth Green in the Can't Hardly Wait days. He had on a visor. It was 2000.

Jan 16 2015

A guy whom after causing so much drama at a party, by drunkenly hitting on all my friends and kissing several who were already in relationships, left me something on the desk in the morning after we had sex. Read more

Dec 19 2014

I created a burner account because this story is so mortifying. I was in an emotionally abusive relationship, then marriage for over 20 years. No matter how I toiled and sacrificed, nothing was ever good enough, including gifts. Circumstances conspired so that I ended up jobless before a Christmas some years ago, Read more