Jun 23 2015

Torch I would star this 1000 times if possible. I love the Shuttle/Buran comparison and debate that always springs from it.

Great job here...we need more of this.

Jun 17 2015

The NeXT popped into my head as the second option. Number one? The Sega Dreamcast. That thing was way ahead of its time. But a crappy online network, crappy controller design, and horrible ‘VMU’ cards that died very quickly all killed it. It promised so much, but could only deliver on the graphics front.

Jun 12 2015

Photo I took of Buran visiting the Paris Air Show in 1989

Oct 19 2014

That's true. Also, many of them can't take a joke, either. :)

Oct 9 2014

I guess I should have shown up E to the A to the E A R L I E R

Sep 27 2014

Its probably not running because someone treated the power-train with WAY too much Microlan. Whatever the eighties-fuck that means...

Sep 23 2014

Can we start referring to GM employees as "Jezebel Hats" and "Deadspin Hats" et al? I kind of want to now.

Sep 23 2014

Your dissent has been noted. We value your opinion. Please report to your local Super Patriotic Identification and Enforcement Station for immediate congratulations.