Oct 19

Good catch, it’s fundamentally ambiguous because it wants to play to more on the fence “lefter” elements without irking upper class strata who want to retain the status quo. Again, it’s all calculated rhetoric.

Oct 17

It just goes to show all their hollering over Clinton’s speeches in 2016 was bullshit. Read more

Oct 17

But Ian is just sooooo tired. It’s sooooo exhauuussting trying to get like... quotes right and stuff. Uhhgghhhh

Oct 17

Wow is that really the full quote? That’s been heavily mis-used by MANY people on the left, wow. 

Oct 16

Oh, for... This is a ridiculous article.

The Biden campaign made a cheery and silly Animal Crossing island. It’s neat. It will change few minds (and it shouldn’t) but it’s a nice, silly diversion.

I’m sorry you’re tired (we all are, because Holy Shit this administration) but this whole article is like a festival of Read more

Oct 9

Sure. I just don’t think there’s evidence that things are substantially different than they used to be. We’ve all been crushed under the heel of capitalism for so long that we want escapism. This has been more or less continuous for almost a century; occasional bright spots like the ‘60s/’70s auteur period are because Read more

Oct 9

I want to say that they were going to dump Artemis anyway since it was pushed at least once and that was in “pre-plague” times. I think they knew they had a dog on their hands.

Regardless, I concede to your point and stand corrected. 

Oct 9

Onward was also pretty quickly dumped from theaters to D+, since theaters were starting to close around its release.

Oct 9

I think their hesitation to put Black Widow on D+ has more to do with the fact that they know it'll make a billion dollars if they release it in theaters, and it won't make a billion dollars if they release it on D+.

Oct 1

It’s going to be difficult to associate J.J. Abrams with a movie that goes anywhere.

Sep 30

Can’t find the other comic about why we should fight against hate speech.