Turbolence1988 Loves Magic Turn Circles
Aug 6

At the risk of sounding like a Stan I’m going to say some things. I haven’t posted in a while because life happened but I have enjoyed those tiny moments when I can pull my phone out and read Jalopnik.
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Aug 5

This isn't even close to a clickbait headline.  It's semantic quibbling at best and the most obvious contextual first-read of the headline is that it implies fans won't be present, which is a reasonable representation of what's going on here

Aug 4

Good. I’m looking forward to watching and enjoying the Indy 500 on TV like I do every year. Read more

Jul 30

Can we introduce a new tradition and have the oval tracks be the exception rather than the rule?

Jul 30

One would think Tesla would want the part back for analysis, and the easiest way to make that happen is to replace it under warranty. 

Jul 30

Evergreen image.

Elon always sucks.

Somehow his flock still manages to be worse.

Jul 30

That’s the thing. Something bad enough to break a control arm, should have blown the tire and potentially cracked the rim too. I mean, I guess he could’ve driven over a rock just the right size to smack it but not damage anything else, but yeah. Read more

Jul 30

I’ve hit some crazy things with much cheaper cars and never had the wheel come off.  Tesla needs to stand by their product instead of coming up with bullshit excuses why they shouldn’t.  Tesla isn’t quite mainstream enough to pull this shit.

Jul 28

No matter what cash offers Nissan presented him with, no matter what legal challenges they made against him, Uzi stood fast. Read more

Jul 23

Tesla: I’ve been deep in Netflix, Amazon, and Apple stock for over a decade each, so I’m not afraid of volatility....but I still won’t touch Tesla. Sure, the track record of the stock is really solid if you stand 10 feet away and squint at the chart. But I have fundamental problems with their org structure, novelty Read more

Jul 17

Fuck you, Honda.  And fuck the other carmakers as well. It’s a shame to see the most affordable cars being axed.  And in the case of the Fit, a great car is being axed. 

Jul 11

No. Covert racist pieces of shit make my kids lives harder. You know those commenters are living breathing people, right? And some of them go out of their way to fuck over black people when they aren’t online. You do know that right? It’s not a myth. Don’t call my parenting skills into question here, nice try. Read more