Turbolence1988 Loves Magic Turn Circles
May 19

Yeah, there’s a second controller port for the games that support it. The “integrated” controller is the same as any other - there’s a couple grooves on both sides of the controllers that you can slot into the system then flip-up to store one away. Clever design for its time.

May 19

YES! I was waiting for this ever since you posted a preview on your Twitter a while back. I ended up getting one just a few months ago, saved from being driven off to a landfill by literally about half an hour, and it’s a wonderful little game system. Read more

May 18

Seconded for the S80. My late father was a sales rep that spent 30+ hours a week driving between sales calls all over the Northeast. For 20 years all he ever leased were Volvo S80s - he'd driven dozens of BMWs, Infinitis, Acuras, you name it, but he never felt more energized after a long drive than he did getting out Read more

May 13

To add - I can’t remember where I read it (it might’ve been here on Jalopnik for all I know), but a teardown of the 1.8 V6 shows it was a highly overbuilt motor that was suspected to have been a homologation special for a racing effort that was canceled around the time the bubble era burst. Read more

Apr 9

Grinding Gears: Is there a good adblocker for Android nowadays? Whoever’s running the GMG sites have noticeably loaded up the mobile sites with a metric shitton of repetitive ads from extremely questionable sources. Read more

Apr 2

Dude, my head’s still spinning from the change in tone going from “individual” to “manager” in a completely unrelated industry (healthcare!). I spent seven years trying to stand out and the moment I was promoted the entire tone shifted from.”you need to prove your worth to this company everyday” to “You made it! Live Read more

Mar 16

But now’s the perfect time for people to have rolling shitboxes. They’re stocked up on toilet paper and are gonna need to drive around to tamp down going stir crazy; it’s a perfect trio!

Mar 13

More importantly, keep the same commentators they have during real NASCAR races, or bring back some of the driver-commentator family pairs for fun. It’d be genuinely hilarious listening to Darrell Waltrip and Ned Jarrett try and make sense of it all while Michael Waltrip and Dale Jarrett know plenty about it.

Mar 13

If IndyCar and NASCAR were smart, they’d get in touch with iRacing and run televised simulator races the next couple weekends. Not for points of course, just exhibition with reasonable prize pools to put something on those TV timeslots. Read more