Turbo Cruiser (Now with 100% more Hemi)

Okay, so they spent a few hundred dollars upgrading that engine to about 18 horseponies
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I have a little bit of experience with this stuff as an IP lawyer who lived and worked in West LA at the time. If anyone thinks this story makes Brosnan look bad, that’s likely the result of not understanding how this stuff works. Read more

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Yes he is the Drift King in actuality, providing a deal of stunt work for the movie:

That’s what Hollywood execs come up with when they think “quirky Japanese tuning.” Read more

Yes...look up Keiichi Tsuchiya. :) Read more

Exactly. There is a whole industry of upgrade part manufactures just for Predators. Read more

It sounds better, and leaks less oil than most harleys.  Read more

Excuse me, isn’t this an improvement?
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It’s just not necessary. You can make your point without it.  Read more

If history is anything to go by, Westbrook doesn’t think about his readers at all.  Read more

Look. I like Jalopnik, and most of the authors. But none of you are pilots, as far as I can tell, and it really shows.

You know how many times I’ve seen people cross the active when they’re not supposed to, especially at municipal airports? How many times I’ve misheard ATC and been corrected by my co-pilot, or vice Read more

Your headlines could use moderating. This particular one would not be considered well in an office and headlines like that, in big, bold print, will simply get the site blocked from more corporate locations. As an aside, do the authors really think that the language used entices people to the site? Is that what you Read more

I would think that a Jalopnik editor, of all people, would be smart enough to know that a leaked photo taken in a confined space, up close, with a wide-angle smartphone camera, in poor lighting, is as much an indicator of the proportions of a vehicle as Trump’s endorsement is an indicator of a drug’s effectiveness Read more

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Sex work is real work. No different than any other side gig.