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7:12 PM

I could tell he was going to be hot naked as soon as I saw him. I quickly undressed that ridiculous silver suit he was wearing piece by piece, savoring his scent every bit of the way. I knew it was true love as soon as I had my tongue wrapped around his salty pork but alas, my relationship with Burrito was meant to be Read more

1:10 PM

Yeah, at the risk of sounding pretentious, I keep coming back to a quote by Ta-Nehisi Coates about how racism works, because it drills down so successfully on how bigotry works not so much by active malice, as by subtly and continually shifting burdens of proof off of those in charge, and onto the beleagured: Read more

3:28 PM

As reported by DCist, Susan and the like have descended on HU’s hallowed grounds with their puppies on parade despite the fact that Northwest D.C. is full of nearby recreational parks.

6:21 PM

I went to graduate school for a degree in a male-dominated STEM field. The culture in the department and university was terrible. Women were routinely sexually harassed and silenced through the department. I built up a group of women in the department and fought for two hard years alongside them and other amazing Read more

2:24 AM

As a white woman who has lived most of my adult life in Prince George’s County, I go to talks at the African American museum, I go to the poetry readings and social justice panels at Busboys, I eat in small businesses owned by black women, I volunteer on local political campaigns, I go to art openings, concerts, black Read more

7:57 PM

As a white woman, a big step for me was accepting that my presence can be reasonably assessed as a threat to any person of color. It is entirely rational to view me with suspicion and as a potential source of danger. It sucks being pre-judged based on my race. And that is the lived experience of every non-white Read more

7:30 PM

My complexion, in the words of a former colleague, is "fish belly white," and I live for that magical time on Friday evenings when you bullyrag my skinfolk. You are doing an absolute service to humanity.

12:48 PM

No one uses “wypipo” out of anger, hate or even retribution. It is a small symbolic reclamation of power. It is a symbolic swipe at a powerful monster. Read more

1:59 PM

I spent the better part of my older child’s Year 3 feeling like, “So God is real, and he’s punishing me...” I often referred to him (among my girlfriends) as an emotional terrorist, cock-blocker, or “not my kid.” People talk about the “Terrible Twos” but, holy shit, just wait until your kid is bigger, faster and mouthi Read more

10:16 PM

My ex’s brother once met Hunter Thompson and he explained that he believed them to be distant cousins, and that he thought Hunter’s Aunt Helen was his mother’s second cousin or whatever. Hunter listened politely and was reasonably engaging. When they parted, Hunter asked for a business card. A few weeks later, a copy Read more

12:45 PM

Gifting is my love language. When I see something I know a friend will love, I gift it. It brings me joy. Wedding registries and gifts are sorta obligatory which completely turns me off to them. As someone who picks and meticulously wraps gifts (my fav!) for holidays and birthdays, I can say I’ve bought a wedding Read more

6:12 PM

Yeah. I’m not necessarily against the “scare people into doing what is urgently necessary to protect their very lives” tactic, but there are ways to do that that aren’t ... this. And for people who don’t have the resources for getting out, that’s exactly what emergency management should be for. Ideally, I would think Read more

10:05 PM

We’re currently rewatching it again for the fifth time (we own all the seasons) and it really is one of the best and most consistently written TV shows out there. Season 2 (which is the one we’re currently on) is the absolute best, though.