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2:19 PM

At work my team had a fun chat about fried chicken and someone said that KFC WAS HIS FAVORITE FRIED CHICKEN. Which I flat out told him was wrong and I cannot trust his judgment. Read more

11:47 PM

Seconded. I am always excited to see his byline and hope to see it for years to come!

10:45 AM

My husband reports on the administrative aspects of football (conference alignment, TV rights, NCAA, financials, AD hiring etc) and his take on it is: “This is a stalling tactic. Convening a working group was what they did for 14 months prior to the CA legislation. The only winner here is billable hours.” Take that Read more

11:23 AM

Also, why a woman? For the shock value of “omg she’s so ugly, something has to give”? I would have more respect for this if they did a model of both sexes and the man was equally as unattractive.

11:19 AM

I knew women who were advised (and followed through) to use the dilators prior to marriage. I, growing up in a heathen place that taught sex ed in 5th, 7th, 9th, and 10th grades, was deeply confused because not one of those classes had mentioned it. I had a moment of, “wait, did they not tell me about these necessary Read more

11:14 AM

I am a CPS parent and I say, give them what they want. I would go further and cap charter school growth (which I believe they did in LA) - they perpetuate the segregation and they take public funds while not being held accountable to the public for results or proper spending. Rahm’s expansion of UNO charters, CPS Read more

10:32 AM

Yeah, I’ve never, ever seen this referee call before. And teammates would give each other wedgies on the desk during meets. If it’s standard issue, that call shouldn’t even be allowed in team competition if the standard issue is being worn. Individual competition is a bit more tricky since there is no “standard Read more

10:23 AM

:( I love swimming and it makes me sad that the poor design ruined someone’s ability to enjoy it.

10:22 AM

I don’t hate the one-piece, but I hate elements of it. For competitive swimming, it makes sense to have a singular piece so you don’t have to worry about lost bottoms/tops and it would reduce drag (esp. if you have those fancy ones engineered to be like shark skin). Competitive water polo suits would be the closest to Read more

10:15 AM

I said this to a different commenter, but maybe even boy short bottoms on the one piece? It wouldn’t limit mobility for either sport and you wouldn’t have to shave your pubic area every day (I’m not interested in showing hair down there..). Some of them are so high cut! It’s not practical for a water sport!!

10:13 AM

It’s true, but if you present the option, it’s not a given that all swimmers will choose it. Honestly, I wish they would redesign the swimsuit bottom to more closely resemble boy shorts rather than brief-style underwear. I haaaaaated having to shave my pubic area so it didn’t show. It was compulsory if you didn’t want Read more

10:28 AM

This is beyond gross. I didn’t even know referees could disqualify swimmers for this?? I competitively swam for years! And then I did competitive diving and I can’t even tell you how many times my swimsuit was pulled down by the force of entry. I had to quickly adjust it on my way to the surface so no one would see my Read more

12:42 AM

My college boyfriend gave me a bouquet for Valentine’s. That would be sweet, except for 2 facts: he had his mom order it (she didn’t care for me much, which is why #2 is kind of confusing) and it was ENORMOUS. We had dinner at his parent’s home and then he drove me back to our apartment complex. I was mortified Read more

9:08 PM

A lot of these entries are more grueling, but here’s my 2 cents. I spent almost every summer (and most semesters) of college doing landscaping for my college. The first summer I did full-time landscaping was hard because the house I lived in had no a/c (it was the desert, so we’d open every window at night and close Read more

1:33 PM

I adore the useless hacks videos for the wtf factor as well. One of my favorites was making slide shoes out of hot glue. I was crying from laughter when it finished. I think it’s beautiful satire that seldom gets seen in our era of satire ignorance.

12:48 PM

Lawyers aren’t even allowed to resign their license without disciplinary investigations completing first. I worked at a bar that also required resigned lawyers to keep their info up to date for 5 years in case something came forward in that time. If warranted, the license could retroactively get suspended.

12:17 PM

I had a roommate that was extra and perpetually embroiled in some emotional drama over men who had not clearly indicated interest. We’d lived together about a year and then the 2012 election campaign happened. She dated a Romney staffer (her first boyfriend) and got too emotionally invested in this campaign as an Read more

3:02 PM

I inherited a gold ring with 3 marquis cut opals set to look like leaves on a vine. I always loved it and wanted my wedding ring to be that. Life didn’t work out that way, but I still love it. (similar-ish setting I found on the internet:)