Dulling when you look at it would be an improvement. Some the German knives are made of some kind of miraculous steel that can roll, flatten AND chip the edge all on the same blade. :-D Read more

Seeing that button would never get old. Read more

I find it amusing that people are trying to hide behind “But it was Russia!” Let’s look at this... Read more

Regardless of who said it, it’s still true. Read more

I don’t care who said it, it’s true. Read more

Any time I see the word committee, government, task force I just picture giant motherfuckin’ waste of time and resources. And bickering and disagreements, and shit taking 10 times longer than needed. Especially when you have so many internal interests at play (lol “FBI, NSA, CIA, to the departments of State, Treasury, Read more

Somebody steals my Social Security number and drains every bank account=Code White Read more

My Obamacare is $1500 a month for a family of 4 on a platinum plan. Just lost my job so asked to switch to a cheaper high deductible plan. Was told I can’t, have to pay the $1500 a month till end of year. So now my family will have no insurance for rest of year. Thanks Obama! Read more

Typical socialist reply. Who cares how much he makes, his premiums went up $500 for a substandard plan that didn’t want just so some POS political party could purchase votes from the lower tier of society. Read more

I’m on catastrophic only, basically paying for the program with no benefit. I cannot protect my family’s health, and what little we have would be wiped out in a second if anything real happened to either me or my wife. The prospect of the cost of a child is scary. Like—not having a house scary. Read more

Probably, but I’m pretty much resigned to being a racist at this point because I'm white. Gawker has made me realize it’s inevitable, so I’m just going to go with it. Privilege and all, you know? Read more

The great state of Texas. Harris county (Houston) to be specific. No respectable doctor accepts the HMO plans we can get on the “open market”, and there were literally no PPO plans available this year because the insurers don’t have to offer one. One company saw the light and offered a PPO for $1300 per month after a Read more

“The dog is on the horse” sounds like an activation phrase. Read more

Sorry, my $750 per month for the shittiest coverage available (under threat of a 2% of my net income penalty of law for not paying it), topped with a $15000 deductible before I see any benefits would beg to differ. Read more

It has a much higher success rate than Obamacare. Read more

You mean the title of the article “The DNC hack could be MISINFORMATION from Russian spies”? That would seem to indicate, to me, that the media is trying to cast doubt on the truthfulness of the incident and its details as misinformation. Would you say thats accurate? We know the Russians hacked their emails, along Read more

Has the DNC claimed they were altered or falsified? If they aren’t refuting it, I am not going to bother with reading about how the “could have been modified or may have been doctored.” Read more

Yeah, sure....... it was the Russians..... thats why: Read more

If it’s misinformation then why isnt everyone from the DNC vehemently denying it? Instead they are not commenting and resigning. Just because it’s coming from Russia doesn’t mean it’s a lie.
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I don’t think the title is correct. It isn’t misinformation if it is true. It is just information. Everything I have read about the most damning of emails hasn’t been refuted as false. The spy part works though. Read more