Trough of Luxury
Dec 27 2015

No, the article with be named, ‘Simply Dixar’

Oct 15 2015

It is a crime that Shemar Moore is not included on this list, so I’m gifting him to the commentariat here. By far, the best combination of perfect head shape and man eyebrows on the planet. I rest my case, and I don’t even care that the picture is so huge.

Sep 10 2015

An average man your size can easily bench 135 pounds multiple times. Read more

Sep 1 2015

Wow, I did’t even know there was a body of writing. More to love to hate. And I definitely think the lifestyle thing is a big part of my annoyance. You do not have to be a fan first and foremost in everything, and the loudest, laughiest fan at that. I mean.. in some people I would accept this as fine and an aspect of Read more

Sep 1 2015

As the flip side to it, I don’t get the people who hate a thing but still watch and discuss it religiously. I don’t mean someone who generally likes it but also points out flaws and criticizes aspects of it they think could be better. I mean the people who hate, hate, hate, every single aspect of the thing, the Read more

Sep 1 2015

THANK YOU! I’m so sick of Chris Hardwick. He seems like a total douchebag. I do not not understand his appeal. I downloaded his podcast because I heard such great things about it and he gets such great guests. HOW? He isn’t funny. I feel like everyone else got the memo but me.

Sep 1 2015

I have a lot of opinions about it and to an extent, fine. It builds community, and a lot of the times people are inspired by said community to then move on and do other artistic things. That’s cool. Read more

Sep 1 2015

You GUYS. This is the thread I have needed. I 100% cannot deal with Chris Hardwick. Nerddom is no longer the underground, maligned culture he often acts like it is, and I feel he tries to represent himself as a (super obnoxious) gatekeeper. Plus, he’s just.. not funny. I will occasionally watch his show for the Read more

Jun 17 2015

Do you mean “written as shitty” as in poorly developed or as in not a nice person? Because I don’t believe the former was in any way intended by the writers and I don’t think the latter is anything to apologize for on a show full of flawed characters. And subpar acting is a reason to be annoyed, not offended. And I Read more