Trough of Luxury
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And an honorable mention to Rick Brattin, Missouri state lawmaker who sponsored legislation to strip scholarships from student athletes if they miss sporting events for any “non-health-related” reasons (i.e. protesting bullshit like this very law).

3:15 PM

Let me tell you about the terrible cognitive dissonance I briefly experience when people recommend CBT - Cognitive Behavioral Therapy - to solve a problem... (do not google CBT at work [or at home {or ever}] plzthx)

12:12 PM

I love to contrast Hardwick’s Nerdist podcast with Jackie Kashian’s “The Dork Forest.” Nerdist is all about like finding a core of nerd-ish material to glom celebrity interviews and namedropping anecdotes and such onto, until it’s bright and shiny and most importantly a commercially viable identity. One with a deep Read more

4:29 PM

I couldn’t agree more. I may be off in my reading here but I feel this super-privilegey “yo! just own what you like and everything is fine, bro!” attitude in Hardwick’s writing and it’s like... sure, if you’re a moderately attractive rich white dude that probably works OK, huh. Eh. I get that mostly from the self-help Read more

11:27 AM

My boss does this :( I obviously can’t say anything so I go brush my teeth in the washroom any time I hear the clippers start.

3:51 PM

Aaaaah! My dad’s “did you get your hair cut?” response was always “Nah, I just had my ears lowered.”

4:17 PM

I have AT&T Uverse for both cable TV and broadband and I have zero complaints about the service itself — other than the cost (it ain’t cheap, but no providers are really). When did they come to your area? Uverse just hit our area about 4-5 years ago and the infrastructure is relatively new and fiber-backed, I think Read more

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There is no denying the way that privilege inflects in this article, as it will in ANY article that has to do with first-world consumerism in late stage capitalist life. Our fashion, our food, our entertainment, ALL OF IT is built upon an egregiously exploitative system that exports the negative consequences of our Read more

6:37 PM

Yes! I’m so glad to see some respect for Mr. Noon. Vurt, especially, opened my mind up to so many possibilities with words and fiction and “meta”-everything. I recently discovered that Jeff Noon is on Twitter (@jeffnoon) and it’s like the medium was made for him.

9:55 AM

Oh goodness I know exactly what you’re talking about! I got into it after people would post completely ridiculous screenshots on Twitter, and I was finally like “ok there’s no way this is real.” BUT IT IS. And like, a MAJORITY of the posts make me clutch my chest and go “oh, no, no no.” But I’m almost always glad to Read more

10:52 AM

音楽がきっかけとなるんですね。私も留学した時から日本の音楽を好きになって、音楽を聴いたり歌詞を調べたりするのはいい勉強となりました(^^)もう十年前のアーティストしか分からないけど懐かしく聴きますよ! Read more

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いたいた!(^^) ゴールデンウィークで仕事はチョー暇だった。(アメリカに住んでいけどお客さんが日本会社で日本の休日は暇だね。)Meixiaさんは今日本ですか?日本語はなぜ勉強してきましたか?わたしは今仕事で使っていますが高校生の時から勉強してます。高校卒業のため、外国語を勉強しなければならないということで勉強し始めました。もう数十年の話なんですけど w Read more

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他の日本語を話す人がいるかしら?KINJAで日本語入力がかなり手数なんだけど一応やってみようと… Read more

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Yeah, that sleep-through Excel course I took on a whim, over a summer to satisfy a comp/math elective requirement? I use that stuff on the daily now.

4:49 PM

Yeah, she refers to other people's looks as being somehow objectively rate-able while trying to remove her own judgment from it — "he's hired to be on TV," "we're in the land of pretty people so natch they're all pretty." Which is kind of curious, but I think it works because again its all about the Read more

3:55 PM

Hmm, I took it more as a reminder that there are no objective measures to measure beauty by and what's important is how we feel about ourselves. This part is subjective, but I think that many of us do not actually get openly appraised on our looks (we may interpret that to be happening, and we may interpret it Read more

12:42 PM

I'm glad you shared this because I was thinking about my friends here who are from rural KS — there's definitely a bit of selection bias because the people I talk to chose to leave (and there's privilege because they mostly came here to go to college) but there's an element of judgment— well-informed judgment— that Read more

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Haha, nope — biography - short o, biographical - long o. But I do wonder now if there's a bit of regionalism to this since it seems to be so divided.