Tropical Snow
Jan 2 2019

You’ve just given me a terrific idea for my superhero career.

Jan 2 2019

I picture a Tesla hero that just drives around and drags trucks away for sport, leaving them in annoying places where the city will tow them, then goes home to charge in their garage.

Jul 4 2018

Setting aside the racism thing, does that woman look even remotely threatening? She looks like the world’s friendliest librarian.

Apr 17 2018

No. If it were as simple as that, it would just be the lesser evil. But this was torturing people to gain knowledge that could have been gained in better, if less expedient ways, which is a very significant evil.

Apr 16 2018

If you’re willing to abandon the cause of equal rights and begin to deny people’s humanity and inalienable rights because someone hurt your fee-fees on the Internet, you were never a real ally anyway.

Apr 15 2018

Implicit bias has shown up gruesomely in the past few weeks in (white) reactions to the six black children killed by their two mothers. The responses of many white people have been to scramble for ways to elevate the “humanity” of Sarah and Jessica Hart and emphasize what “loving, selfless parents” they were. Read more

Apr 15 2018

I guess times have changed, them. Usually if you don’t buy anything, a shop will show you the door. Not sure if there was bias here, but it’s not unusual to get kicked out regardless of your race.

Apr 13 2018

Good news Kanye, You are already 75% water. You are 3/4s the way there keep going and you can achieve it!

Apr 9 2018

This is why car manufacturers don’t listen to internet commenters. ‘Oh it’s got everything I asked for except it’s got 1 tailpipe instead of two, ill get a used mazda 6 instead’

Apr 3 2018

Wildest thing about all of this is that I don’t see a single person on a quad sans helmet. Clearly faked.

Apr 3 2018

its not super obvious from the video, but if ukraine your neck, you can see their western features.