Dec 23 2016

They’ve gotten extremely cynical in regards to anything Star Wars or Marvel related in the last year or so, and that’s definitely affected my enjoyment of their reviews.

Dec 23 2016

The Redlettermedia review basically called Rogue One the best fanfiction film ever made, which to me it’s kind of pretentious calling it a ‘fan film’ (this is coming from someone who generally loves Redlettermedia content and reviews). Read more

Dec 22 2016

Jesus christ, every time FA shares something we get to hear you guys bitch about it. You’re not the only people who read this website. If you don’t want to read these kind of articles, don’t fucking click on them. It’s that simple.

Nov 16 2016

It’s not fair. It has been established that reality has a well known liberal bias.

Nov 11 2016

No, POC pointing out the united front that White America often presents when they feel threatened, whether they sound like hillbillies or speak the queen’s English, is not what got us into this. White people themselves did this, and I am not here to coddle, mince words, or pretend.

Nov 11 2016

I’m getting sick of hear fucking libertarian white dudes and apathetic male hillary voters telling me to calm down. You calm down. When you can be forced to carry a child to term then you can tell me to shut up. go fuck yourselves!

Nov 10 2016

A small sliver of good news from NC is that our governer Asshat McCrory was beat out by Cooper. And our NC supreme court now has a dem majority thanks to the win of Democrat Mike Morgan.

Nov 10 2016

I’ve been seeing a lot of Trump voters be whiny and defensive about their vote since Tuesday, and complaining that people keep suggesting they’re racists because of it. Read more