8/18/20 3:53PM

Kuvira had potential, but she never reached it and as a Big Bad, feels much less consequential than the previous 3. Azula, however, was a constant threat that had multiple drastic victories throughout the series, especially in Season 2.

7/15/20 4:58PM

You can also post something, then disable notifications for the post. The same goes for Reddit. This way, you can still get your two cents in without being dragged into a 5 hour long argument with a brick wall.

7/09/20 11:30AM

There is a very small subset of the population for whom this is the ONLY way for them to quickly access cash. Worse, the same reasons you gave for why they wouldn’t have access to better forms of credit are the same circumstances that put them in positions where they need to find cash fast (behind on rent, need to Read more

6/16/20 12:02PM

Another idea: show numbers in a different color like my password manager does to differentiate between 1 and l, 0 and O, etc. If that’s too distracting, maybe only on hover?

6/09/20 1:52PM

Know that if you use your phone actively while stopped, your forgiveness time for sitting at a red light goes down to about a half second.  After a half second, my horn will be blaring straight up your ass until you move.

5/29/20 4:24PM

I remember when Lifehacker would teach the audience how to set up a Linux-based media server on an old laptop or something. Stuff that required actual work and thinking and left you with a sense of minor accomplishment. Those days are long gone. 

5/29/20 2:41PM

Are the writers here just bored anymore? Doctor of opinions over here trying to fluff that paycheck. Imagine thinking using periods right now in the world is an issue that warrants this type of write up...

5/19/20 4:04PM

I’ve got a Shake Shack right around the corner from my office, and you can pretty much replicate that recipe with one ingredient...Velveeta. Read more

5/13/20 9:26AM

Cream lasts a while. The “best by” date is usually a month after I buy it, so usually around then I am looking to use it, although it typically lasts a week or two longer at least.

5/06/20 3:54PM

While there’s no reason to wait... there is a word of caution. Enabling 2FA changes your access token used for 3rd party integration. In my case, I run Homebridge on a Raspberry Pi at home so I can tell Siri to adjust my temperature, etc. To get this working, you have to login to, then go a URL for your Read more

4/30/20 10:08AM

I was about to explain to you why your argument is wrong and fucked up. Then I read your comment history....
Read more

3/31/20 1:35PM

The sad thing is that the areas where it isn’t real are the ones that actually have a chance to minimize the impact. Once it seems real, you’re probably on a 4-6 week upward trend.

3/31/20 12:18PM

You realize I wasn’t advocating this approach, that it was discussion amongst local business owners and chamber folk? They can check themselves.

3/11/20 1:26PM

It’s really frustrating how service workers defend the tipping system when alternatives that include vacation/PTO, sick time, steady wages, 401(k)s, etc., you know, the trappings of regular jobs, are presented.  I understand the allure of cash in the pocket is strong, but it’s difficult to be very sympathetic when we Read more

3/11/20 12:17PM

It’s not gravity, it’s centrifugal force. This will work on any marker or pen that still has moisture somewhere in the tube. It’s important for the tip to be on the outside of the spin.

3/08/20 10:11AM

I wish Target’s “extended sizes” included more combinations of length and waist, rather than just waist sizes. Those of us most in need of activity tend to have a higher waist-to-length ratio than these pants seem to be designed for...

I wish Target’s “extended sizes” included more combinations of length and waist, rather than just waist sizes. Those