12/16/20 2:20PM

Your point? Google is aware and has $135,000,000,000 reasons it doesn’t care. 🙄

8/18/20 9:49PM

The Kora series always seemed fragmented.  Ang series was more focused.

7/21/20 11:07AM

From where I stand, “intrusive ads kill content platformsis the opposite of a self solving problem the same way “ferns die when I don’t water them” is not a self-solving problem. Refusing to water ferns deprives me to enjoying ferns. Bad monetization plans (like intrusive ads) kill content—some of it likely good Read more

7/20/20 2:48PM

I propose many families with access to a “distance-learning” program won’t need to hire an instructor for their home. A “distance-learning nanny” might be enough for many kids. This sort of nanny (my term) verifies reasonable effort was invested in the work, but doesn’t do much instruction. Parent’s can cover trouble Read more

7/17/20 12:31PM

Do you recall discussions of “micro-payment” services that would facilitate paying creators (like web comics) fractions of a penny per view? Many variantsof this idea were floated. Micro-payments were billed as the new media economy, but the industry and users chose the old (ad supported) model instead. I am partially Read more

7/17/20 12:22PM

Would it be easier to “send to Pocket” than disable scripting? I’ve not found a plug-in to pull the script toggle to the toolbar. Locating it in site permissions and reloading the page is a chore. I use Pocket to sanitize lots of content I read.  If you don’t then this alternative might be nearly the same trouble as Read more

7/13/20 3:42PM

Chris K: Will you share photos of your plier job?  My interest is piqued, even if the reality is more civil than the story.  Fun read.

7/13/20 10:29AM

Claire, can you give us the “you should waffle” omnibus guide as a single article? We get it: you can waffle stuff. Read more

7/09/20 4:24PM

I think I follow, but I’m not certain so I write for clarification. Do you mean to say that since payday loans are short term (weeks?) it doesn’t make sense to frame the interest in longer term (annual) units?

7/01/20 11:37AM

Bank of America never hesitates to call me and ask me to identify myself. No BoA rep I’ve spoken with understands their practice is grooming customers to be phished.  I have been pressures to just continue.  To be clear, when I call BoA, I verify there was legit business to attend. The original caller was not likely a Read more

6/25/20 8:14AM

I can’t recall the last “job hunt” headline I saw in my Lifehacker feed. I keep a list of nice resume action verbs. I appended these to my list and appreciate how Elizabeth broke them down. Read more

6/23/20 4:16PM

Pardon the third post.  I learn more each visit.  The link to comments from my profile and from the first slide will not take you to the comments on this article. Also, is there a way to opt our of sex toy ads?  Or at least limit them to the more risque articles (that I don’t read while in the office).

6/23/20 1:33PM

I think they have scripted the slides to ensure no one is Lifehacking the URL to skip to the end. Someone is tone deaf to user feedback in all forms. (None of this is intended towards Meghan.)

6/22/20 2:47PM

Lifehacker: The slideshow format sucks. Meghan, I mean no frustration towards you. Wish I could have read your piece. It sounds fantastic.

6/15/20 4:50PM

I wish someone had consulted with me. I have plenty of master/slave alternatives: 😉 Read more

6/15/20 3:48PM

I recommend the hand-wash or gentle cycle. I feel like my washer’s agitator works the metal a bit too much.  Thoughts?

6/09/20 4:05PM

It’s not a free functionality until it works, right? IMHO, better to keep a half-ass update in the lab than sully your brand by publishing it—especially if you aren’t a budget or mid-tier phone. I write software for consumer devices. If I push an update to the field (millions of units) that does not work as Read more

6/04/20 11:01AM

Excellent write up. This is a huge fuckup considering the price I paid (and ad data I provide) for this flagship product.  😒  Please consider another article when it is fixed.