Triflers need not apply

“Some people are very uncomfortable about teenagers transitioning…” Read more

He’s not picking either one of them and he’s not picking Haley either. Read more

I do not think that a large amount of people identify as Democrats because they like civility at the expense of peoples’ right to exist, civility and decorum at the expense of being called pedo and commie by your “mainstream” opponents. If your idea of being a Democrat involves taking a knife to a gunfight, prepare to Read more

Lol what’s it like in the weird fantasy world you live in. Read more

“Democrat party” is the tell that there’s a bad faith argument coming. Read more

Friendly reminder to all that reflexively blaming the Democrats for literally not being perfect is something a GOP consultant came up with.
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Waah, both sides. A random person on the Internet said something rude about McConnell, which is just as bad as all of the material harm he’s caused. Waah. Read more

As someone who has a couple of seizure disorders running in my family: I hope his brain is swiss cheese. Read more

He just stated what he’s not in for and put the ball in her court. Read more

Pelosi is a piece of shit. She wants Adam Schiff and not a progressive  to fill the seat and doe not care about consequences. Read more

And the CEO of the submarine company said “safety is a waste." Read more

Therefore, the best line of defense is one that might already not work for most people: Never take nudes. Read more

It is so hard to ask for or accept help, especially when you’ve never been able to count on it in the past.  Read more

Agree. There are a lot of nice tents on the market for half the price. 
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I had this in spades from my childhood. What struck me, and really only in the past ten years; is that I was scared of everything. I was self-reliant and I hated asking people for help. Read more

NO pictures of you holding a fish. Read more

Look, I voted for Biden, but let’s not pretend that his brain isn’t mush at this point. He’s clearly not as bad as Feinstein, but listen to him speak from his time as VP then listen to him now and tell me you can’t notice a sharp decline.
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We’ve got decades of research that says that the rational choice theory of economics doesn’t work in real-world conditions—that people don’t make their economic decisions based solely on what would be best for their long-term financial health or investment portfolio. Instead, people’s economic decisions are motivated Read more

I bet my aunt and her husband would have done it if they’d been smart enough (and if Evil Grandma hadn’t already been in a nursing home when she died). Read more