Nov 28 2018

1,2,3,4....hey wait a second! This feels like it’s rigged! Everybody just buys the beer don’t they?

Apr 17 2018

It was the DNA-sonar homing frequency included in the CRISPR mutagen cocktail, being broadcast from the antenna of the Sears Tower. Obviously

Oct 23 2017

Psh... just wait until it rains. The saviors are going to be so screwed.

Sep 18 2017

I hear ya. I haven’t really followed TI4 much, except knowing that it exists and that it’s supposed to Steamline TI3. Read more

Sep 15 2017

We went through this with my father in law. Thankfully his combative and aggressive stage was fairly mild, but he was a big guy and kept falling. My m-i-l kept him at home as long as she could, but eventually it wasn’t possible any more. At the care home they has more space, so he didn’t keep hitting his head as he Read more

Sep 11 2017

I almost said the same thing. People are angry with him for potentially losing money, not the fact that he is a fucking racist.

Apr 30 2017

I hate to go dark but – I didn’t hear any reports of rapes, or assaults, or drug overdoses, or someone drinking all his plane vodka and going on a rampage against the locals, whatever. These kids are dumb, dumb, dumb, but at least they didn’t Woodstock ‘99 the place.

Apr 17 2017

Yes, I not only have food grade diatomaceous earth behind/under every piece of furniture/appliance and in the cabinets, I gave some to friends so they, too, can enjoy a bug-free life -- even when neighbors renovate!

Mar 6 2017

Yeah, but DCEU needs to be careful not to alienate the internet dudebro troglodytes who tried to get rid of Rotten Tomatoes with a petition for critics not liking Suicide Squad audience. They are the only demographic that consistently shows up for DCEU films Read more