11:15 AM

First song of his I heard was “Hello in There.” Had me crying on the freeway. My favorite remains “Illegal Smile”, so thank you John for the laughs to go with it. 

11:08 AM

Lol, no hun, if the course is shut down like it should be, everyone is laid off and can get unemployment benefits.  If the course isn’t shut down and you quit out of concern for your own safety, you’re fucked. Nice try though.

4:37 PM

On top of that, you’re protecting working class folks who operate the places those assholes are golfing at and are being forced to risk getting sick so these bored white bastards can swing a club... and since the alternative to that is quitting and forgoing any unemployment benefits, it fucking sucks. Good one, Read more

11:39 AM

It’s been a couple weeks since I was listening to his address and he was talking about the projections based on how seriously we take social distancing, how soon the spike is, how many cases to expect, etc... and I had to choke it back because I was driving, but I welled up with gratitude to have a scientifically Read more

10:35 PM

The city of Los Angeles has ordered that all eviction activities be suspended and that landlords must permit a six month delay of rent collection (e.g., you’ll still owe your rent but you’ll have time to catch up, not that anyone who doesn’t have the rent today is going to have today’s rent plus September’s by then).  Read more

5:47 PM

 I hear you, I see you.  My daughter’s meltdowns turned severe and self-injurious about 6 months ago.  The recognition and empathy of a stranger is one of the kindest things you can receive.  

5:37 PM

Not nearly as extraordinary as others, but the most recent I can think of... both of my kidlets are autistic and one of them has a very hard time with transitions, non-preferred activities, and basically the whole of anything outside the scope of desirability. Had stopped at the pharmacy that has the ice cream counter Read more

12:22 AM

Yeah the first time I saw an older picture of her, I thought it was fake. Narcissism really does a number on your skin.

2:17 PM

I heard the stats last night on NPR and I just... for people who deeply believe that the man who ushers in the End Times is, in fact, the Antichrist, and that they are supposed to resist him at all costs knowing that “many will be fooled” and FUCKING STILL with all that drilling the bird shit right on their faces and Read more

3:46 PM

J’adoreeeeeeeeeeee the emerald, that became my new Hot Color Of The Year (e.g., I will purchase far too many garments in the exact same shade) in December.

1:00 PM

Hot take, NOW is emblematic of second wave feminism that is now really just about white women. Their priorities shifted from their idealist roots a long time ago and philosophy is not distinct from white college educated women who voted for Trump.

2:12 PM

Yo, anybody remember the short story “The Masque of the Red Death”? Your health is only as secure as the least-cared-for member of your society.  

4:45 PM

Feel like it’s never a bad time to remind everyone, if the product is free, YOU’RE THE PRODUCT.  

1:53 PM

Agreed. So how about an island? The remorseless and irredeemable sociopaths can live out their lives sequestered there while the rest of humanity continues in forward progress. 

3:57 PM

Yes, there is no ethical definition that sticks in any real world scenario.  But it’s where the fable of Noah’s ark makes sense: deity looks at a completely fucked up population and says “nvm, start over.” 

3:56 PM

Aware. Hence my other reply (below) about the ethics of violence. Just beginning to despair that nonviolent methods (awareness, inclusion, education) don’t seem to matter much to many of them.  What to do when it’s irredeemable?  I don’t have an answer to that.

2:42 PM

Indeed, I’ve a longstanding adherence to anarchosocialism as the only valid structure... I just never espoused use of force as an ethical option.  In my old age, I’m increasingly radical.