Jul 26

Exactly. The New Yorker article assumed, correctly, that in the Globe’s eyes, “too weak” in corroboration (i.e., no participation from the woman the kiss happened to) means “too weak” as a publishable fact. There is no real distinction.
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Jul 22

I don’t know... with all the crazy anti-science rhetoric and lies becoming so widespread and commonplace (people drinking bleach and others not taking vaccines). Maybe we need folks like Neil to talk more not less. Read more

Jul 22

I’d kinda prefer you take your own advice instead of attacking one of the few people in the world with a platform, who’s actually trying to educate and make people smarter so maybe this sad dystopia we’re heading for can be averted.

Jul 22

Hard disagree. This country is woefully uninformed about science, and that leads to the anti-vaccination movement and climate change denials, among many other problems. NDT is obviously being pedantic with this, but it draws attention to being informed and accurate about representation of physics principles. Read more

Jul 22

He just taught me that water crystals have six-fold symmetry. That probably wouldn’t have happened without his input. I don’t know. Learning stuff can be kind of good.

Mar 28 2019

Mueller indicted tons of people for tons of things. When it comes to specifically conspiracy charges, there are 2 reasons why there are likely no indictments. 1) It’s an incredibly high bar to prosecute conspiracy, effectively requiring documented proof, knowledge of a crime, etc etc, and 2) We already knew Mueller Read more