10:48 AM

And how’s that gone over each time you’ve said it?

12:46 PM

When the primary priority of any business (especially corporations) is profit, the other side of that priority is do dehumanize its employees and customers. And that never has a positive outcome. Read more

9:25 PM

In any case, Gizmodo’s editorial style guide clearly states “Do not use ALL CAPS unless it’s an actual acronym, to avoid inflating brands’ stylistic importance.” Read more

12:28 PM

TL;DR: It does basically nothing unless in hyper-specific scenarios, and then it does a teensy little bit. 

1:17 PM

I recommend anyone building a new PC to use 16GB. While actual amount of RAM used will likely run between 6-10Gb, for some reason it seems Windows works best when it is not using the full amount of RAM and you have some decent overhead. Cost-wise it is quite inexpensive and just so much easier to do when building than Read more

2:07 PM

You know what, I’m glad to live in a day and age where assholes get their comeuppance. It can be dangerous, because sometimes the court of public opinion brings down it’s judgement often before - or even in spite of - the facts being laid out. My rule of thumb is don't be an asshole and chances are you won't get outed Read more

12:53 PM

Agreed, but disappointed to realize the most effective one would likely be a spycraft FPS inside a story of deploying around the world to build an American Empire.

11:15 AM

My husband is in recovery. It took a few years and we still take it day by day. It’s a difficult journey. Please talk to your doctor. Also, if you can afford it, please see a therapist. Therapy really helped along with AA meetings- it sounds like you need someone who can be there for you and a therapist is nothing to Read more

2:05 PM

When I was a single man I changed my sheets...seasonally. I’ll never understand how my wife decided to go to bed with me in those sheets early in our dating relationship. I’ve been with her for many years now, and I still love the fact that there are clean sheets on the bed in a weekly basis. Read more

11:16 AM

how to date someone who is sober is no different than dating a republican if you are a dem Read more

12:50 PM

The difference, though, is that Valvoline and Grease Monkey aren’t lobbying to prevent self-renewing oil from being the new standard, despite being proven to work elsewhere. The IRS has everything they need to cut a check or send a bill, but Intuit and H&R Block are standing in the way. That’s not paying for Read more

11:10 AM

It’s true. NPR’s Planet Money did a great podcast on it. Our country’s tax process is far more complicated than those of other countries, and our tax companies lobby to keep it that way. (They are aided to some extent by anti-tax advocates, who argue that making paying taxes simple would make it easier to raise taxes.)